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Translation of "supporte" in English


Que PHP supporte Hyperwave permet de combler ces manques.
Adding Hyperwave support to PHP should fill in the gap of a missing programming language for interface customisation.
Celui-ci supporte le système informatique dans une position verticale.
The stand is to support the computer system in its upright position.
Papa, Amantha ne me supporte pas.
Dad, Amantha can't stand to be in the same room with me.
Parfois, je ne le supporte pas.
I can't stand him sometimes.
Malheureusement FreePOPs ne supporte pas SMTP.
Unfortunately FreePOPs doesn't have any support for SMTP server.
MySQL 4.1 et plus récente supporte des extensions pour gérer les données géographiques.
MySQL versions 4.1 and up support extensions for handing spatial data.
MySQL supporte TCP/IP sur toutes les plates-formes Windows.
Each of the servers in a distribution support the same set of storage engines.
Note: Cette extension ne supporte plus les bibliothèques Oracle 8 client.
Note: This extension does not support Oracle 8 client libraries anymore.
Il ne supporte pas les composants alpha.
It does not support alpha components.
Debian est internationalisé et supporte un nombre toujours plus élevé de langues et de conventions locales.
Debian is internationalized, offering support for a growing number of languages and local usage conventions.
Pour les versions antérieures, cette fonction ne supporte pas les liens symboliques.
Windows versions prior to that does not support symbolic links.
MRN) ne supporte pas cette position administrative.
MRN) does not support this administrative position.
Le gouvernement supporte fortement le golf.
The government is backing golf in a big way.
Je ne supporte plus la lumière.
When I went outside today, couldn't hardly see in the daylight.
Je ne supporte plus la douleur.
I can't take the pain. I got to get out.
Ce type supporte beaucoup de vous.
That guy puts up with a lot from you.
Je ne supporte plus cette souffrance.
Take us down! I can't stand the pain any longer.
Et Emma ne supporte pas le désordre.
And if there's one thing Emma can't handle, it's a mess.
Je ne supporte plus ton attitude.
I'm sick and tired of your attitude.
Il supporte pas que Garcetti éclipse son propre bilan.
The thought that Garcetti could, in any way, eclipse his own legacy is driving him nuts.
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