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Translation of "surveille" in English


De Rosa, primo... surveille ton langage.
De Rosa, first of all, watch your mouth, there's a lady.
Je ne te surveille pas 24h/24.
I don't watch you 24 hours a day.
Il surveille et montre en permanence les températures internes.
In addition, the device constantly monitors and displays the internal temperatures.
Le FBI surveille Jacob depuis longtemps.
The Feds have had their hooks in Jacob for a while.
On la surveille depuis son arrivée.
We've been watching her since she arrived, sir.
Je déteste qu'on me surveille.
'Cause I don't like when people keep tabs on me.
Je surveille un instant le magasin.
I'm watching the shop for a while.
Je comprends que l'Organisation te surveille.
I can see why the Organization has its eye on you and wants you found.
Personne ne nous surveille, Merrill.
There is no one watching out for us, Merrill.
On surveille les garçons avec Evie.
The boys are being looked after in the Infant's with Evie.
On vous surveille depuis votre dernière mission.
We've been watching you since your last op.
Je crois qu'elle surveille Tinsdale.
I thinks she's got eyes on Tinsdale.
Le Colonel surveille l'autre porte. Calmez-vous.
I'm watching the side door and the Colonel is out front, so stop worrying.
Je te surveille depuis plusieurs années.
I've been watching you pretty close for a lot of years.
Il va falloir qu'on la surveille.
Well, we'll just have to take care of her, that's all.
Il avait peur que Debra surveille son téléphone.
He was worried that Debra would check his cell phone.
Je surveille la porte du donjon.
Okay. I've got eyeballs on the dungeon door.
Danner le surveille dans la chaufferie.
Danner's watching him in the boiler room.
Je surveille leur intimité grâce à l'interrupteur.
I've been monitoring their intimacy via the dimmer switch in their bedroom.
Il nous surveille de trop près.
He's watching us too closely to get the guns.
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