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Translation of "témoigner" in English

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Mais tu pourras témoigner en ma faveur.
But, one day, you could testify in my favour.
Olivia, Lily et Emma vont témoigner.
We got Olivia, Lily, and Emma to all testify.
Et ce type aurait pu témoigner.
And we were in the midst of getting this guy as a witness.
Elle a été tuée, je peux témoigner.
She's a murder victim. I'm a witness.
Nous devons vous préparer à témoigner.
We have to get you ready to testify.
Vous n'avez personne pour témoigner.
We know you don't have anybody to testify.
J'essaie de la faire témoigner.
I'm tryin' to get her to testify.
Mme Moss, prête à témoigner...
Although Miss Moss offered to testify - Senator Mundt, South Dakota.
Et prépare la à témoigner au tribunal.
And start to prepare her to testify at trial.
Tu étais censé préparer Molly à témoigner.
You're supposed to be getting Molly ready to testify.
Cooper aurait dû les laisser témoigner.
Then judge Cooper would've had to have let them testify.
Élu de Loire-Atlantique, je peux malheureusement en témoigner.
As an elected representative for the Loire-Atlantique region, unfortunately, I can testify to this.
Le gouverneur nous a autorisés à questionner quiconque souhaite témoigner.
We are empowered by the Governor to question anyone wishing to testify.
Elle pourra témoigner aux autres procès.
She can still testify at the other victim's trial.
Il veut témoigner pour sa défense.
He wants to testify in his own defense.
Elle me connaît bien et pourrait témoigner.
She's known me for a lot longer, and she could testify.
Il doit témoigner dans 3 jours.
He's scheduled to testify in three days.
La liste des cheikhs sahraouis appelés à témoigner serait révisée.
The list of Saharan sheikhs called upon to testify would be revised.
Votre Honneur, je peux prêter serment et témoigner.
Your Honor, if necessary, I will put myself under oath and testify.
Tu sais que les mineurs peuvent pas témoigner.
You know that minors can't testify.
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