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Translation of "ta gueule" in English

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shut up
fuck you
your ass
your face your mouth shut fuck off
your trap
your head
your fucking mouth shut
your fucking face
your hole
shut the fuck up shut the hell up
your hangover


Ferme ta gueule ou j'appelle les flics.
Shut up before I call the cops.
Tu sais pas fermer ta gueule.
You don't know how to shut up.
Ta gueule, ta gueule et ta gueule.
Ça doit venir de ta gueule.
It's coming out of your ass.
J'espère que tu aimes Staten Island, car ta gueule livide va se retrouver là-bas.
I hope you like Staten Island, because that's where your ass is gonna end up when the dust settles.
Barry, ta gueule, mon pote.
Barry, shut up, mate.
Mais ta gueule, contentez vous d'emmener A.J, je m'occupe du reste.
But shut up, just get A.J. outta here, I'll take care of the rest.
Ferme ta gueule, pauvre merde.
Shut up, you stupid shit.
Mais reviens plus ici ouvrir ta gueule.
But don't come around here shooting your mouth of again.
Ferme ta gueule et passe-moi le tiroir-caisse.
Okay, shut your fucking mouth and give me the cash out the drawer.
Droit dans ta gueule, pétasse.
It's comin' in your mouth, bitch.
Ramène cette sandale avec ta gueule.
Get that sandal with your mouth and bring it back.
Physiquement incapable de fermer ta gueule.
You are constitutionally incapable of not shutting the fuck up.
Jamais assez pour oublier ta gueule.
I'm never drunk enough to forget your face.
Suffisament pour que tes enfants arrivent à reconnaitre ta gueule.
Enough so your children can remember your fucking face.
Ou peut-être qu'ils aiment simplement se foutre de ta gueule.
Or Maybe They Just Like Messing With Your Head.
Dis "Merci", et ferme ta gueule.
Say "Thank you," and shut the fuck up.
Je t'ai une fois de fermer ta gueule.
Listen, mate, I told you once, you need to shut your mouth.
Je peux faire pareil avec ta gueule.
I'll do the same to your gob.
Valentine, je vais agrafer ton arme sur ta gueule.
I swear, Valentine, when we find your rifle, I'm gonna staple it to your head.
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