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Translation of "talent" in English


Nous avions un talent exceptionnel chez Eaton.
...We had some amazing talent at Eaton's.
C'est une métaphore parfaite pour mon talent incandescent.
They say it's the perfect metaphor for my incandescent talent.
Ils auraient alors constaté ton talent.
Well, I guess they would've seen that you're talented.
Je voudrais t'enseigner personnellement ce talent.
I would like to personally teach you two this skill.
Force, vitesse et talent également répartis.
Two teams. Power, speed, and skill evenly split.
Vous gaspillez votre talent dans la police.
You are wasting your talent with the police department.
Tu dois avoir un talent naturel.
Well, then, you must have a natural talent for it.
Il faudrait un homme au talent exceptionnel.
It would call for a man of exceptional talent.
Le talent créateur remplace les stratégies de destruction.
The talent of creation is replacing the strategies of destruction.
Chanter et jouer est un talent.
But singing and playing music is a talent.
Vous avez cependant un bon talent militaire.
You do have one very good military talent, though.
Certaines personnes ont un talent naturel.
Well, some people have a natural talent.
Voici Ayrton Senna, un talent vraiment exceptionnel.
Well I think we are watching the arrival of Ayrton Senna, a truly outstanding talent.
Je croyais être votre talent inconnu préféré.
Besides, I thought I was your favorite unknown talent.
Le talent autour de cette table est impressionnant.
I mean, come on, the talent of this table, that is stunning.
Le gagnant de Litchfield a du talent...
In the end, the winner of Litchfield's Got Talent...
Ne plaisante pas sur ton talent.
Look Annie, you should not joke about your talent.
Elles possèdent un talent vraiment enviable.
They are in possession of but one truly enviable talent.
Il a peut-être un talent caché.
Well, maybe he has some kind of peculiar talent.
Après mes efforts pour célébrer ton talent.
Even after all the hard work I put into celebrating your talent today.
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