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Translation of "tant mieux" in English

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so much the better
all the better
that's fine
just as well
that's great
even better
thank God
that's nice
more power
I'm glad
I'm happy
for the best


Della Reese a perdu 3 kilos, tant mieux pour elle.
Della Reese lost 5 pounds, good for her.
Mais tant mieux, au cas où.
Anyway, it's good that I've got it anyway, just in case.
Et si on gagne le concours, tant mieux.
If we happen to win the competition, so much the better.
Si une province fait son travail, tant mieux.
If one province does its job, so much the better.
Si on peut en prime faire du bien, tant mieux.
But if we can do something good like this, it's all the better.
Bien, tant mieux pour lui, vanessa.
Well, good for him, vanessa.
Si Antoine aime toujours Atia et accède à sa requête, tant mieux.
If Antony still loves Atia and yields to her pleading, so much the better.
Si ça renforce la légende, tant mieux.
If it adds to the legend, so much the better.
Si elle résiste, tant mieux.
If she fights, so much the better.
Elle est sexy, tant mieux.
I think it's good she's super hot.
Je veux que tu partes et si ça aide, tant mieux.
The hell I will. I want you gone, and if this helps, good.
Je blaguais, mais... tant mieux pour toi.
I was just kidding, but... good for you.
Tu es rentré tôt, tant mieux.
Good, you came back early.
Si tu viens, tant mieux.
If you're on it, good.
Si les parlements nationaux coopèrent, tant mieux.
If national parliaments co-operate, so much the better.
Le village entier était à un mariage et tant mieux.
The whole village was at a wedding and so much the better.
On ne se voit plus, tant mieux.
We're not seeing each other any more, but it's for the best.
Si nos invités s'en sortent, tant mieux.
Now, if you and the rest of the tour group make it, that's fine with me.
Et tant mieux si cela peut arrêter cette guerre.
And all to the good, if it will end the war.
La fille est pas encore arrivée, mais tant mieux.
The girl's not here yet, but so far, so good.
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