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Translation of "tant pis" in English

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too bad
never mind
it doesn't matter
that's fine
so much the worse
oh well
so be it hell your loss
tough luck
screw it
his loss
that's okay
I don't care
fuck it


Je dirais tant pis, mais c'est dommage.
Too bad, but just the same, it is sad.
Et tant pis pour la présomption d'innocence.
Too bad for the presumption of innocence.
Alors, tant pis... je la réveille.
So, never mind... I'll wake her.
Vous savez quoi, tant pis.
You know what, never mind.
Si ça te déplaît, alors tant pis.
If you don't like that, it's too bad.
Si ça tourne mal, tant pis.
If it goes wrong, too bad.
Si c'est trop demander, tant pis.
But God, I mean, if that's just too much to ask, then fine.
Si tu veux pas comprendre, tant pis.
If you didn't understand it, its okay, no one was forcing you.
Si vous avez raison tant pis pour moi.
Barbara, if you're right, I'm in more trouble than I figured.
Si on perd un match ou deux, alors tant pis.
If we lose a game or two along the way then so be it.
Si vous ne la prenez pas, tant pis.
I already gave you someone else's reservation, if you don't...
Alors c'est tant pis pour nous.
Well, then I guess we're out of luck.
Alors, tant pis pour lui.
Well, that's too bad for him.
Si ça doit être dur, tant pis.
If it goes down hard, so be it.
Si tu me déteste, tant pis.
If you hate me, it's fine.
Et si je suis poursuivi, tant pis.
And if that gets me sued, so be it.
Si elle accepte, ma foi, tant pis.
If she accepts him, it's just too bad.
Un conseil : attrapez-moi, ou tant pis pour vous.
Some advice: catch me or you'll be in trouble.
Et s'il faut leur mentir, tant pis.
If that means lying to them, so be it.
Si ça foirait, tant pis pour toi et ta bourgeoise.
If we fail at that point, it'll be just too bad for you and that missus of yours.
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