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Translation of "tant que" in English

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Pas tant que tu travailleras pour Tanner.
I can't, as long as you work for Tanner.
Ça ira tant que l'Internet fonctionne.
He'll be all right as long as the Internet works.
Kaziri sera inoffensif tant que nous resterons séparés.
Kaziri will be harmless, so long as we remain apart.
Les divisions politiques persisteront tant que ces déséquilibres existeront.
So long as these differences remain, so will Europe's political divisions.
Installez-vous et restez tant que vous voudrez.
Please, make yourself comfortable and stay as long as you desire.
Ils vivront tant que ce film vivra.
They will live on, as long as this movie exists...
C'était notre contrat tant que l'émission continuait.
That was our contract for as long as the show was in production.
Pas en tant que majeure nécessairement.
Well, not as a major, necessarily.
Pas tant que vous pouvez encore faire appel.
We shouldn't be talking like this while the case is still open to appeal.
En tant que manager, je me dois d'insister.
I don't know about all of that. Well, as his business manager I would have to insist.
Pas tant que je serai là.
These men make a mess, don't they? - Well...
Servez-vous tant que c'est chaud.
Okay, get it while it's still pizza.
Comme vous, en tant que chrétienne.
Yes, well, as a Christian, I imagine you feel the same way.
En tant que sœur, Lucy pourrait être pire.
Look, you might be a little rough around the edges, but as far as sisters go...
Je répéterai tant que tu veux.
I'll repeat myself as many times as you need me to.
Elle évoquait nous tous en tant que...
Is that what you're saying? - She was jut talking about all of...
Wayne voulait tant que je vous rencontre.
Wayne mentioned so many times how anxious he was for me to meet you.
Jouez les rebelles tant que vous voulez.
If you want to stick it to the man, that's fine by me.
En tant que nouveau rédacteur de mode.
Yes. you'll be working for me... as my newest fashion editor.
En tant que défenseur, peut-être voudrez-vous écouter attentivement.
But as his counsel, you might want to listen pretty carefully yourself.
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