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Translation of "tas de gens" in English

lot of people
bunch of people
loads of people
tons of people
load of people
lots of people many people plenty of people
whole lot of folks
bunch of folks
lot of staff
lot of guys


Un tas de gens voudraient voir Irène morte.
Irene has a lot of people who would like to see her in an unmarked grave.
Copains... Des tas de gens m'effraient
Fellas... a lot of people fear me.
Allons à Hollywood Hills tuer des tas de gens.
Let's go to the Hollywood Hills and kill a bunch of people.
Je dois appeler un tas de gens.
I have a bunch of people to call.
Essayez, il paraît que ça a aidé un tas de gens.
Give it a chance. I hear it's helped a lot of people.
Tu emploies des tas de gens.
You got a lot of people on the payroll.
Il a coffré un tas de gens.
He locks up a lot of people.
Au commencement, l'univers fut créé... ce qui mit des tas de gens en colère.
In the beginning, the universe was made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.
Il connaît un tas de gens.
He knows a lot of people.
Tony Glick a fait faillite en 1990 et ruinê un tas de gens à Nashua.
Tony Glick filed for bankruptcy in 1990 and left a lot of people in Nashua on the hook.
Quand j'ai démissionné, des tas de gens ont été furieux.
When I left my job, a lot of people were furious with me.
J'en raconte à des tas de gens.
I crack jokes with a lot of people.
Un tas de gens... veulent ta peau.
A lot of people... want you dead.
Des tas de gens d'Hollywood y vont, ils achètent tout.
A lot of people of Hollywood go there now, they are buying everything.
Un tas de gens veulent vous photographier.
A lot of people will want a photograph of you.
S'il coule, il emporte un tas de gens avec lui.
If he goes down, he's taking a lot of people with him.
Ce sont des rues résidentielles, un tas de gens vont et viennent.
It's residential streets, a lot of people coming and going.
On rencontre un tas de gens.
You get to know a lot of people.
Ils connaissent un tas de gens.
They know a lot of people.
Un tas de gens gagnent leur vie ici.
A lot of people are making a living on this strip.
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