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Translation of "te battre" in English

fight beat you defeat you
kick your ass
beat your ass
take you


Tu vas partir... te battre.
The time has come for you to go out and fight.
Tu dois apprendre à te battre comme un démon.
You need to learn how to fight like a demon.
Je pense demander à te battre.
I've half a mind to ask for permission to beat you.
Je ne veux pas te battre trop vite.
I don't want to beat you too fast.
Ce n'était pas un exploit de te battre à Modène.
It was no accomplishment to defeat you at Mutina.
Je peux te battre, Vader.
I can defeat you, Vader.
Tu dois me laisser te battre à quelque chose.
You got to let me beat you at something.
Je ne les aurais pas laissé te battre.
I wouldn't have let them beat you.
Bien. Tu aurais pu te battre.
Well, you could fight it.
Tu as une étudiante pour te battre à ta place.
I see you got a grad student to fight your battles for you.
Tu peux te battre contre lui.
You can fight him, boy.
Tu as besoin d'un instructeur pour apprendre à te battre.
Fun, you need real instructor to learn how to fight.
Tu aura à te battre avec ta grande tante Irène.
You might have to fight off your great-aunt irene.
Mais tu ne pourras pas te battre pour toujours.
But you cannot fight it forever.
Tu pourrais me payer pour te battre.
Maybe you could pay me to beat you.
Super, je vais encore te battre.
Good, 'cause I can always beat you.
Pas si tu choisis de te battre avec elle.
Not if you picked a fight with her.
Tu voulais te battre avec lui.
You wanted to fight that man.
Pas besoin de tricher pour te battre.
No need to cheat to beat you.
Je crois avoir trouvé la façon de te battre à ce jeu.
I figured out how to beat you at this game, by the way.
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