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Translation of "toilettes" in English


Pardon, mademoiselle, je cherche les toilettes.
Excuse me, miss. I was just looking for the toilet.
Les femmes vont toujours aux toilettes.
No, women are constantly going to the toilet.
Pas les toilettes, question de principe.
Not in the bathroom, it's a matter of principles.
Je peux aller seule aux toilettes.
I don't need to go to the bathroom with other people.
Les toilettes ne marchent pas ici.
The bathroom in here is fake, it doesn't work.
Je pensais que les toilettes étaient ici.
I thought the bathroom was down here. I must have...
Désolé, j'étais aux toilettes.
I'm sorry, I was in the bathroom.
Vous aurez vos propres toilettes équipées.
Of course, you will have your own private, fully-equipped bathroom.
J'ai conduit Bridget aux toilettes.
I had to take Bridget to the bathroom.
Je dois poser les nouvelles toilettes.
I got the low-flow toilet to put in.
Personne n'était aux toilettes avec moi.
I don't remember anybody being in the bathroom with me.
Excusez-moi, je reviens des toilettes.
Sorry. I've just come back from the toilet.
J'allais aux toilettes parcourir ta pièce.
Well, I was going to the bathroom and I was perusing your play.
Je leur parlerai quand ils reviendront des toilettes.
I'll talk to them when they get back from the bathroom.
Vous deviez utiliser les toilettes de la station-essence.
We used to make you use the bathroom at the gas station.
Si les toilettes étaient assez grandes...
You know, if the toilet was just a little bit bigger...
Non, les toilettes sont hors limites.
No, Al! I mean, the bathroom's out of bounds.
Fais descendre tes patients dans nos toilettes.
Just have your patients go to the downstairs bathroom.
Ce ne sont pas les toilettes.
Well, this certainly isn't the bathroom.
Les toilettes ne marchaient pas bien.
The toilet was... wasn't working properly.
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