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Translation of "tombé malade" in English

got sick fell ill became ill taken ill fallen ill
fell sick
fallen sick
grew sick


Vous êtes juste tombé malade, Xavier.
But the truth is you just got sick, Xavier.
Et quand tu es tombé malade, je ne savais pas quoi faire.
And then when you got sick, I just didn't know what to do.
Je suis tombé malade et j'ai dû quitter la Nikkatsu.
I fell ill and had to leave Nikkatsu.
Il est tombé malade et a dû garder la chambre.
He fell ill and had to be confined to his sickroom.
Le vice-président Katsuragi est tombé malade au cours d'un déplacement.
VP Katsuragi became ill while traveling.
Quand il est tombé malade, j'ai tout essayé.
When he became ill, I tried everything.
Papa est tombé malade, on a dû annuler.
But then Dad got sick and we had to cancel.
Je suis tombé malade, dans le nord.
I fell ill there on the north.
Mon père est tombé malade, il ne lui restait qu'un an à vivre.
And when my dad got sick, the doctors told him that he only had a year to live.
Vous êtes peut-être tombé malade en portant leur eau.
Maybe you got sick of carrying their water.
Je suis tombé malade, et tu es revenu.
It was like I got sick, and you came back.
Il est tombé malade et je l'ai aidé.
Then he got sick, and I was helping out.
Le Père est tombé malade juste après ton départ.
The Father fell ill soon after you left.
Il est tombé malade il y a quelques jours.
He fell ill a few days ago.
Alors le garçon est tombé malade d'une infection virale et est décédé.
Then the boy fell ill with a viral infection and died.
Elle est tombé malade quand j'avais trois ans.
Got sick when I was three.
Peter est l'un des premiers garçons à être tombé malade.
Peter was one of the first boys who fell ill.
Ce matin, notre directeur est tombé malade.
This morning our director fell ill.
Russel me faisait la cour quand il est tombé malade.
Russel was in the process of brokering our arrangement when he fell ill.
Lorsque Rudolf est tombé malade, nos relations se sont un peu distendues.
His Legacy When Rudolf fell ill, our relationship became somewhat more distant.
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