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Translation of "tomber" in English


va tomber 773
Et après, on pourra tomber éperdument amoureux.
And then after the date, we can fall insanely in love.
Dis-moi de ne pas tomber amoureuse.
Tell me not to fall in love, Astrid.
Laissons tomber le rôle de mère nourricière.
Or... Okay, let's drop the Earth Mother act.
Laissons tomber les manières, Leslie.
Let's drop the polite charade, Leslie.
Il faut faire tomber la fièvre.
We need to bring down his core temperature.
Cette histoire fera tomber le ministère...
This case can well take down the government.
Je pensais rencontrer quelqu'un et tomber amoureuse.
I kind of just thought I would meet somebody and fall in love.
Tiens-moi bien, je vais tomber.
Hold me well, I'm going to fall.
Je la fais tomber du vélo...
I wrap my hands around her neck, and we both fall.
Ils attendent juste de te faire tomber.
They're just waiting for the chance to take you down.
Cet endroit va tomber à tout moment...
This place is going to fall at any moment...
Attention, tu vas tomber dedans.
You stomp too hard and you'll fall in it.
Toi seul pouvais me faire tomber.
You were the only one who could take me down.
Il veut faire tomber Patty comme nous.
He wants patty hewes taken down as badly as we do.
Juste assez pour en tomber amoureuse.
Just long enough to fall in love with him.
Tu vas tomber direct pour meurtre.
You're going down cold for her murder.
Laisser ma fille tomber amoureuse en unité psychiatrique.
Leave it to my daughter to fall in love on the psych ward.
James Castro est corrompu et va tomber.
James Castro is corrupt and he's going down.
Le laisse pas tomber, Hayley.
If I were you, Hayley, I'd lock that down.
Quelques-unes vont tomber demain, j'espère.
Some of them will fall tomorrow, I hope.
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va tomber 773

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