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Translation of "tout de suite" in English


Mais peut-être pas tout de suite.
I appreciate the offer, just, maybe, not right now.
J'envoie une voiture te chercher tout de suite.
I'm sending a car over to pick you up right now.
Revenez tout de suite ici après.
Get back here right away, don't pass by the beer house.
Je vais faire vérifier tout de suite.
We will verify that right away.
Appelez William Colby tout de suite.
You call William Colby, D. C. I., immediately.
J'aimerais vous voir tout de suite.
No, I haven't yet. I'd like to see you immediately.
Évacuez le bâtiment tout de suite.
You are ordered to evacuate the building immediately.
Menez-la au harem, tout de suite.
Lead her to the harem, immediately.
Six scotch et soda, tout de suite.
Six scotch and soda, immediately.
Je voulais jouer tout de suite avec Andy Collins.
I wanted to play catch right away with Andy Collins.
Fallait s'arrêter tout de suite.
We should have stopped right away.
Je veux un avocat tout de suite.
I want a lawyer right now.
Une femme voit tout de suite à qui elle a affaire.
Anyway, a woman knows right away what a man is really like.
C'est eux plus tard ou moi tout de suite.
You've got to make a choice: either they'll do it later, or I'm doing it now.
Accompagnez-moi tout de suite à ce hangar.
Now, both accompany me to this hangar immediately.
Je pensais commencer tout de suite.
I was thinking maybe I could start right about now.
J'ai vu ça tout de suite.
I hadn't been in the house for a day before I realized that.
Je suis tombé amoureux et je l'ai su tout de suite.
Although the fact that my mother is in seventh heaven about her, I keep trying to tell myself isn't a factor, but...
Développe-la et ramène-les tout de suite.
Print it, and bring them in right away.
Je compris tout de suite notre monumentale erreur.
Right away, I realized this was a mistake of gargantuan proportions.
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