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Translation of "tout le" in English


Je pensais connaître tout le beau monde.
I thought I knew all the players in Springfield.
Pourquoi dois-je faire tout le nettoyage.
Why do you leave all the cleaning upto me...
Je pensais assainir tout le voisinage.
I thought I could clean the whole neighbourhood up myself.
Télécommande avec volant, tout le tralala...
It's got a remote control thing, a steering wheel, the whole deal.
Retirez tout le matériel de leurs maisons.
Recover all the bugs and cameras from their houses.
J'ai aimé tout le repas.
I liked all the food, and it was- it was wonderful.
Encore deux pare-feu et nous contrôlons tout le système.
Only two more firewalls and we're in control of the whole system.
Ils ont découpé tout le pays.
They've got the whole country sectioned off.
Je trouve que ces cartes stellaires vulcaines gâchent tout le plaisir.
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like these Vulcan star charts take all the fun out of it.
J'ai interrogé tout le monde.
I interviewed all the patients that I was assigned to.
Tu manges toujours tout le sandwich.
You always take the whole sandwich, so don't eat it.
Vendez votre dernière récolte et passez-moi tout le cash.
Take your last harvest, make a quick deal, and then hand all the cash over to me.
Et ils se moquent de vous devant tout le pays.
This was supposed to be a blowout, and they're showing you up in front of the whole nation.
Cela pourrait résumer tout le film.
And in a way that could be the subtitle of the whole film.
Jacqueline me confie tout le contenu éditorial.
And she's bringing me in to run all the editorial content.
J'aimerais avoir tout le tralala.
I'd like to have all the trimmings.
Ici vous trouverez tout le contenu disponible pour téléchargement.
In this category you will find all the content available for download.
Court-circuit de tout le système de communication.
The whole communication system is shorted out, too.
Vous allez bombarder tout le courant électrique.
You're going to bomb all the power grids.
Ce gonflement recouvre tout le pare-brise avant et tout le compartiment longitudinal.
This inflation covers all the front glass and all the longitudinal cabinet.
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