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Translation of "toute la journée" in English

all day
all day long
throughout the day
all the day long
all the livelong day
whole day
rest of the day
the entire day all the day through the day
around the clock
all morning
all afternoon


Elles étaient là toute la journée.
They've been sitting in there all day.
J'ai gambergé toute la journée.
Well, that's what I've been thinking about all day.
Je serai dehors toute la journée.
I'm going to be outside all day long.
Vous serez occupé toute la journée.
You're going to be busy all day long.
Nous resterons en direct toute la journée.
We will be continuing live coverage throughout the day.
Collations et boissons toute la journée.
Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.
Je reste allongé toute la journée.
As I was laying down all day, now I can't sleep.
On est coincés toute la journée.
We're going to be out here all day.
Les poupées sourient toute la journée.
These dolls, they're smiling all day.
Elle reste couchée toute la journée.
You know, she's in bed all day.
Elle est restée toute la journée.
Well, she's kept me company all day.
La machine a tourné toute la journée.
Well, I'm sorry, but the machine has been in use all day.
Il surveille Masseria toute la journée.
He's keeping tabs on Masseria all day.
Ça été coupé toute la journée.
Come on, it's been dead all day.
Je vous ai fait marcher toute la journée.
Sister, I'm sorry. I've had you on your feet all day.
Vous allez travailler toute la journée.
You're going to work all day long instead of playing at work.
Je suis restée ici toute la journée.
I've been in this house all day. I'm coming with you.
Tu m'as harcelé toute la journée.
Stu, you've been riding me all day about when we can start.
Il va pleuvoir toute la journée.
Rain's starting at midnight, continuing throughout the day.
Il travaille là-haut toute la journée.
He's union, works up there all day.
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