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Translation of "transmission" in English


Une transmission radio révélera notre position aux Américains.
Sending a transmission will alert the Americans of our position.
Mais il aidait à maintenir la transmission.
But apparently he was helping to keep the transmission going.
L'invention concerne une transmission galvaniquement séparée de signaux données.
The aim of the invention is to provide a simple and economical means of galvanically separately transmitting data signals.
Je relève une transmission émanant du système.
I am detecting a transmission from within the system.
Voici la dernière transmission de mon satellite.
Now. Here's the latest transmission from my satellite.
Monsieur, une transmission du Général Kenobi.
Sir, there's a transmission from general Kenobi.
Prochaine transmission d'ici 24 heures.
Next transmission in 24 hours. Daniel Jackson, out.
Nous attendons encore une transmission interspatiale.
We're still waiting for a sub-space transmission.
La transmission provient de son ordinateur.
The transmission's coming off the core of his computer.
La transmission peut ne comporter aucun cardan.
The transmission may not even include a universal joint.
La disposition hautement symétrique permet une transmission élevée des ions moléculaires générés.
The highly symmetrical arrangement enables a high degree of transmission of the generated molecular ions.
Il s'est approprié la transmission.
I don't know how, but he's hijacked our transmission.
On reçoit une transmission de Paradise City.
Captain, we're receiving transmission from Paradise City.
Nous captons une transmission dans un code inconnu.
We are picking up a transmission in a strange code.
Après le congrčs vous confirmerez la transmission dans l'avion.
After the convention you'll confirm the transmission on your returning flight.
Tu auras ta prochaine transmission à minuit.
You'll get your next transmission at 00:00 hours.
Ceci était la dernière transmission d'Horizon.
DRAKE: - that was the last transmission from the Horizon.
Une autre transmission cryptée nous arrive.
Boss, there's another encrypted transmission coming over the system.
Simultanément, le greffier est informé de cette transmission.
Notice of that transmission shall be given to the Registrar at the same time.
Elles notifient immédiatement cette transmission au gestionnaire.
They shall immediately notify the AIFM of the transmission.
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