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Translation of "trucs pareils" in English

stuff like that
things like that
something like that
thing like that
shit like that
shit like this
Les bijoutiers ne jettent pas des trucs pareils.
Jewellers just don't throw stuff like that away.
Que tu ne dises pas des trucs pareils.
You not saying stuff like that.
Pourquoi dit-il toujours des trucs pareils ?
Why does he keep saying things like that?
C'est formidable qu'ils essayent des trucs pareils.
No. It's just exciting that we're trying things like that.
Tu sors toujours des trucs pareils.
You always come up with something like that.
Je n'aurais jamais regardé des trucs pareils.
I would never look at something like that.
Tout le monde sort quand il arrive des trucs pareils.
Everyone comes out when something like that happens.
Les gens normaux font pas des trucs pareils.
Danny, normal people don't do stuff like that.
J'imaginais pas que tu t'arrêtais à des trucs pareils.
Didn't realize you graded things like that.
Des trucs pareils n'arrivent jamais.
Stuff like that doesn't happen.
Pourquoi tu nous fourres toujours dans des trucs pareils ?
Why do you always get us involved in stuff like that?
Où vas-tu chercher des trucs pareils, Michael ?
Why would you say something like that, Michael?
Couvre-moi les oreilles quand tu dis des trucs pareils.
Aren't you supposed to cover my ears when you say something like that?
Quand tu dis des trucs pareils,
When you say things like that,
On rit pas de trucs pareils !
Come on, you can't joke about stuff like that.
Pourquoi il fait des trucs pareils ?
Why does he do stuff like that?
Comment tu réponds habituellement quand il dit des trucs pareils?
How do you normally respond when he says stuff like that?
Je vous le dis, je fais plus de trucs pareils.
I'm telling you, I don't do stuff like that anymore.
Bridgette, pourquoi tu lui dis des trucs pareils ?
Bridgette, why are you telling her things like that?
Est-ce que tu penses à des trucs pareils ?
Do you think about stuff like that?
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