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Translation of "tu" in English

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tu sais +10k
tu dois +10k
Quand tu reviendras tu trouveras certainement internet à Charanpur.
When you come here next you'll surely find Internet in Charanpur Post Office.
Si tu connaissais mes capacités, tu comprendrais mieux.
Perhaps if you were familiar with all my capabilities, you would better understand.
Tu feras ce que tu feras, et tu ressentiras ce que tu ressentiras.
You're going to do whatever you're going to do, and you're going to feel whatever you're going to feel.
Si tu n'essayes pas, alors tu ne trouveras jamais ce que tu recherches.
If you don't put yourself out there, Then you're never going to find what you're looking for anyways.
Si tu te débrouilles bien, tu pourras dire que tu as survécu à Jesse James.
Nelson, you do this right, you can say you've seen Jesse James and lived to tell the story.
En ce moment tu essaies de comprendre qui tu es et tu ignores encore tellement.
Right now, you're trying to figure out who you are and there's so much you don't know.
Si tu admets ça, tu blesseras seulement les gens que tu essaies de protéger.
If you admit to this, you will only hurt the people you're trying to protect.
Si tu dois le juger, autant que tu saches de qui tu parles avant.
If you're going to judge him, then maybe you should have some idea who you're talking about first.
Si tu frappes à ces portes, tu n'aimeras pas ce que tu trouveras.
Listen, you start knocking on the doors here, you might not be happy with what you find behind it.
Si tu avais assumé ce que tu es, tu aurais gagné.
If you were to embrace all the awesomeness that you are you would've won.
Alors tu dis que tu me traiteras comme un enfant quand tu le veux.
So you're saying that you can just treat me like a child whenever you want to.
Quand tu t'emballes, tu oublies comment parler et tu retombes dans ta langue maternelle.
When you start getting excited, your English escapes you... and you get really native in your tongue.
Si tu attends trop, tu gamberges et tu deviens fou.
Because if you take too long, you overthink it and you'll just drive yourself crazy.
Si tu suis ma méthode, non seulement tu gagneras la Coupe, mais tu retrouveras Prudence.
If you follow my method, not only will you win Stanley's Cup, but you'll also get Prudence back.
Et pour finir, tu es aigri car tu ignorais quand tu mourrais.
And now the payoff, you're sore because you didn't know when you were going to die.
Dès que tu auras préparé un repas savoureux et nutritif, tu écouteras ce que tu voudras.
And as soon you've prepared a nutritious yet savoury meal that I'm about to eat, you can listen to whatever you like.
Quand tu rencontres un obstacle, tu te reprends et tu continues d'avancer.
Erica, when you hit a bump, you pick yourself up and you keep going.
Si tu voulais nous faire sentir... la douleur que tu ressentais... tu as déjà gagné.
Now, if your goal here was to make us feelsome of the pain that you feel, you've already won.
Si tu voulais être vraiment méchant, tu sais, tu pourrais... nous faire travailler ici.
Well, if you wanted to be really mean, you know, you could... make us work here.
Oui, tu diras que tu ignores comment tu es revenu.
Yes, darling, you're going to have to say you don't know how you got home.
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tu sais +10k
tu dois +10k

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