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Translation of "tué" in English


Il a tué Percy et l'a retiré.
He found out about the tattoo, killed Percy and cut it off his arm.
Il aurait soi-disant tué son propriétaire.
They put her down in allegedly killed her owner.
Votre mari a été tué avec un 45.
No, it was a foolish girl's mis your husband was murdered with a.
Vous avez tué les deux passeurs.
You murdered the 2 fishermen... with tricks and deceit...
Elles savent qui a tué Lopez, mais se taisent.
I think they know the guy who shot willie lopez. they just don't want to give it up.
Certains employés avaient tué des civils en Afghanistan.
Some of their employees shot up a bunch of civilians in Afghanistan.
Les obus avaient tué 22 personnes.
Twenty-two people were killed here by the shells.
Ils ont tué mille soldats confédérés.
They killed a thousand Rebel soldiers, sir.
Damian Lake a tué Erica Daniels presque devant nous.
COLBY: Damian Lake killed Erica Daniels, practically in front of us.
Ses mains ont tué beaucoup de gens.
These hands have killed dozens of people, Pete.
Ils ont tué le comte Dooku.
They killed Count Dooku, but General Grievous has escaped once again.
Tu en as tué un autre alors.
So you killed another one? 'cause you had nothing to do with this.
Mais tu as tué mon oncle.
But you killed my uncle, right here where I'm standing.
Ton agent Darcy a tué Wainright.
It was your Agent Darcy that killed Wainright.
Ça t'aurait pas tué de me défendre.
You know, it wouldn't have killed you to jump in and defend me.
Quelqu'un aurait pu être tué.
Could have got somebody killed, shootin' in here like that.
Notre prochain bébé devrait également être tué.
Our next baby would also have to be killed.
Examinez-moi la balle qui a tué celui-ci.
And take a look at the bullet that killed this guy.
Coleman ne peut avoir tué Thorpe.
This boy, Coleman, here just couldn't have killed Thorpe.
Nous avons blessé et peut-être tué la créature.
We've crippled and may have killed this giant creature.
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