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Translation of "tu as" in English


as-tu +10k
Et maintenant tu as détruit le plus dangereux sandwich.
And now you've destroyed the world's most dangerous sandwich.
Voyons si tu as tout compris.
Let's see if you've really understood.
Alors tu as beaucoup de problème.
Then you're in a lot of trouble.
Écoute, tu as peut-être raison.
FETYOV: Look, maybe you're right.
Dis-moi où tu as mis Flicka.
You have to tell me where you're keeping Flicka.
Je crois que tu as envie de te retirer.
I think there's more to the old man cutting you off story than you're letting on.
Évidemment : tu as beaucoup couru.
Of course, you've come a long way.
Techniquement, tu as une hallucination hypnopompique.
Technically speaking, you're having a hypnopompic hallucination.
Jake dit que tu as des difficultés à l'école.
I appreciate everything you've done for me so far, and... Jake says you're having difficulty in school.
Je sais que tu as seulement reçu des lettres de rupture.
I know that you've only been on the receiving end of break-up letters, but I've actually written a few.
Et tu as été parfaite depuis.
And you've been relentlessly charming ever since.
C'est incroyable comme tu as changé.
(laughs) It's remarkable how much you've changed.
Toi, tu as oubliê Chandler.
And clearly, you've forgotten about Chandler.
Mais tu as renoncé trop facilement.
But I think that you're giving up too easy.
Si tu as effectivement traversé tout ça...
If you've actually been through any of that...
Papa, tu as 60 ans.
Dad, you're a sixty year old man. I am not.
Pendant deux décennies, tu as tout aspiré.
For two decades, you've just been taking and sucking up.
Félicitations, Prem, tu as été promu...
Congratulations, Prem, you've been given a promotion...
Montre-moi l'inventaire quand tu as fini.
Show me the inventory list when you're done.
Mais tu as rendu ça impossible.
But now, you've made that impossible.
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as-tu +10k

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