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Translation of "tu mets" in English

you put you're putting you wear you get you putting you set you use
you keep
you stick
you step
Are you wearing
Are you questioning


Attention ce que tu mets dans les bois, ça pourrait mal finir.
Fabian, careful with what you put in the forest, some day we're going to have a problem.
Descends, mais fais attention où tu mets les pieds.
Down, but see where you put your feet.
Attend, tu mets les cuillères là.
Wait, you're putting spoons in those.
Maintenant, tu mets des légumes dans de la saumure.
Now you're putting vegetables in brine.
Ces hauts que tu mets sont absolument inappropriés.
These "tops" that you wear are completely inappropriate.
Pourquoi tu mets pas un t-shirt?
Why don't you wear a shirt?
Alors, tu mets un fil là.
Well, look, you put a wire here.
Mais tu mets ça sur une petite grenouillère...
But you put that on a little onesie...
Peut importe ce que tu mets dedans.
No matter what you put in it.
Ça sonne mieux quand tu mets les doigts dessus.
Sounds better when you put your fingers on it.
Que tu mets trop de maquillage ?
That you wear way too much makeup.
Ceux que tu mets maintenant sont beaucoup trop serrés.
These briefs that you wear are much too tight.
Il n'a pas commencé quand tu mets ceci.
It didn't start when you put these on.
Maintenant, quand tu mets un...
Now, when you put a...
On peut voir où tu mets ça.
We can see where you're putting that.
Et préviens-moi quand tu mets la main dans ta poche.
And warn me before you put your hand in your pocket.
Lorsque tu travailles, tu mets la bière de côté.
There's a job to do and you put beer aside.
Maintenant tu mets la perruque, mon coeur.
Now you wear the wig, sweetheart.
Quand tu mets deux brutes dans la même pièce, ça fonctionne pas.
Because when you put two bullies in the same room together, things generally don't go so well.
Fais attention où tu mets les pieds.
Watch where you put your feet.
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