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Translation of "un avocat" in English


Je dois surtout trouver un avocat.
All I have to do is get a lawyer.
Miguel aura besoin d'un avocat.
Miguel will need a lawyer. I know it's not your area.
La Division leur attribuera un avocat.
And I'll have Division assign them counsel.
Elle a droit en particulier à un avocat de son choix ou bénéficie - conformément aux principes définis par la loi - des services d'un avocat commis d'office.
He may, in particular, choose counsel or avail himself - in accordance with principles specified by a law - of counsel appointed by the court.
Je cherche un avocat spécialisé dans les délits criminels fédéraux.
I'm looking for an attorney that specialises in criminal federal offences.
Mais si vous cherchez un avocat...
But if you're looking for an attorney...
Et je veux voir un avocat.
But I know my rights, and I want to see a lawyer.
Vous devriez parler à un avocat.
It sounds like you should be talking to a lawyer about this.
Arrêtez de penser comme un avocat.
Laura, you need to stop thinking as a lawyer.
Seul un avocat peut assister juridiquement un mineur.
Legal assistance to a juvenile can be rendered only by an attorney.
Vous pouvez encore avoir un avocat.
You can still get a lawyer if you want.
On devrait appeler un avocat illico.
I think we should call a lawyer now.
Il a un avocat pour le suspect.
He brought a lawyer For the perp, asked To talk to you and andy.
Vous raconterez ça à un avocat.
Get an attorney, you talk to him. That's it.
Alors relâchez-moi ou trouvez-moi un avocat.
So, either release or get me a lawyer.
On demandera les détails à un avocat.
We can find out the details from a lawyer or something.
Al-Masri est un avocat lié à Al-Qaida.
Thank you. Ed, Al-Masri is a lawyer we found with al Qaeda ties.
La famille a pris un avocat.
Sure. The family have retained a lawyer.
J'ai rendez-vous avec un avocat...
I have a meeting with a lawyer on...
Sur un avocat nommé Dan Cheznik.
A 20 on a lawyer named Dan Cheznik.
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