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Translation of "usine" in English


L'usine où ils taillent les hélices déménage.
The plant where they're grinding the propellers is moving.
Je t'ai cherché dans toute l'usine.
I was afraid you'd gone home. I tried every place in the plant.
Je visite l'usine demain matin.
I will come to the factory tomorrow morning.
Une vieille usine et une piscine.
It's like an old factory with a large pool.
Il est sûrement dans l'usine abandonnée.
He might still be in that abandoned mining facility.
Construction d'une usine en Chine.
Set up of an new facility in China.
J'aimerais voir l'usine immédiatement.
I should like to see the factory immediately.
Aide-ingénieur dans une usine du Midlands.
Assistant engineer in a factory in the Midlands.
Enfin, aujourd'hui, dans l'usine...
I mean, today in the factory... it wasn't Carl Bentley's fault.
Gyeongsang-do et Jeolla-do, ont leur propre usine.
Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do, each had their own factory there.
Nous allons devoir visiter Votre usine de chocolat.
We're going to need to take a tour of your chocolate factory.
On doit descendre dans cette usine.
Junior, we just need to get down to that factory.
Nous seront propriétaires et salariés de cette usine.
We shall be both the owners and the workers of that factory.
Allez à l'usine avec monsieur.
Go to the factory yourself and take this gentleman with you.
J'ai travaillé 50 ans dans une usine Ford.
I worked in the Ford factory for 50 years, ...and he's out selling Japanese cars.
L'usine appartient au beau-frère d'un conseiller.
That factory's owned by a brother-in-law of a commissioner.
Vous avez souillé mon usine et désobéi.
You've sullied my factory and disobeyed my rules.
Mon père travaillait comme forgeron dans une usine.
My father worked... as a blacksmith at a factory.
Désormais, on parlera travail à l'usine.
And hereafter, when you want to talk business, you can see me at the factory.
Ses soldats aidaient à l'usine Roxxon.
His soldiers were helping out at the Roxxon factory.
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