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Translation of "va bien" in English


il va bien 1614
Je dois savoir qu'elle va bien.
I need to know she is fine.
J'ai... Mon cœur va bien.
I just... my heart is fine.
Oui, le foetus va bien.
Yes, the fetus is fine.
L'homme qui s'appelle Suzuki va bien.
The one called Suzuki is fine.
On va bien fêter le centenaire.
I've got big plans for the centennial.
J'espère que maman va bien le prendre.
Well, I certainly hope Mother's going to be a good sport about this.
Je venais voir si le bébé va bien.
I just thought I'd look in to make sure the baby was all right.
Apparemment, elle va bien aussi.
From what I understand, she's doing well also.
Tu sauras que Jo va bien.
To keep you company so you know Jo is safe and well.
Ne vous inquiétez pas, Angela va bien.
Don't worry about Angela, she will be fine, she's only healing her wounds...
On s'assure qu'elle va bien.
We're just lookin' her over, makin' sure she's okay.
Je crois qu'elle va bien.
I don't know exactly, but I think she's doing fine.
On va bien préparer notre procès.
We're really going to clean up on this lawsuit.
On va bien surveiller cette cheville.
We'll keep a close eye on your ankle.
Depuis la transplantation son rein va bien.
Since the transplant, her kidney has been fine.
Alors va bien devoir bouger le drone.
Well, then we wait; he'll have to move the drone eventually.
Je vais voir s'il va bien.
I'll just go check on the lad, make sure he's all right.
Je comprends mais elle va bien.
I get it, but she's doing great.
Heureusement, votre garçon va bien.
Lucky thing your boy wasn't hurt worse.
Le bébé va bien, toi aussi.
I mean, the baby's healthy, and you're in great shape...
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il va bien 1614

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