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Translation of "venu" in English


Je suis venu parler de ça.
In fact, that's what I came to talk about, Frank.
Je suis venu dès que Lois m'a appelé.
Joe, what are you doing here? I came as soon as Lois told me, Bonnie.
Je suis beaucoup venu ici dernièrement.
I've been coming down here a lot lately.
C'est gentil d'être venu.
Thank you for coming. I didn't know what to do.
Votre fils est venu dans nos locaux.
As you know, your son came into the N.Y.P.D. for an interview.
Non, il est venu pour nous aider.
No, he came all the way down here because he's trying to help us.
Je suis venu récupérer mon téléphone.
I just came back to get my cell phone.
Ce pourquoi je suis venu ici.
That's the whole reason I came here in the first place.
Il est venu ici pour manger.
Don't tell me he came here in order not to eat.
J'étais venu féliciter ma fiancée.
I just thought I'd come back and congratulate my fiancée.
Je suis venu te féliciter pour tes fiançailles.
I've come to offer my congratulations on your engagement.
On est venu vous demander pardon.
We've come to ask you to forgive us.
Je suis venu pour m'excuser.
I just wanted to come over to say that I'm sorry.
Je suis venu voir Charles Bartowski.
I'm here to see a Charles Bartowski.
Oliver est probablement venu pour sa petite soeur.
Oliver's come for his baby sister, most likely.
Je suis venu te dire quelque chose.
Ed, what are you doing here? - I came to tell you something.
Heureusement, vous êtes venu ici.
Thankfully, you had the presence of mind to come here.
J'étais venu pour épouser Pamela Anderson.
I had come to make Pamela Andersons my wife.
Je suis venu faire des recherches.
I thought I'd come to my office to do a little research.
Je suis venu chercher son argent.
And I'm here to take her money back.
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