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Translation of "vieilles" in English


Ressasser ces vieilles questions éculées est totalement futile.
Rehashing those old and worn-out subjects is an exercise in futility.
Toujours ses vieilles ruses mais une nouvelle méthode.
He's up to his old tricks, but this time with a new twist.
Ces parcelles correspondent aux vieilles vignes du vignoble.
These plots are where the older vines of the vineyard can be found.
Mais j'aime les vieilles personnes.
But I tell you, I do love older people.
J'aimerais voir ces vieilles grandes horloges.
I'd like to see their big old clock they got.
Plutôt comme ces vieilles photos du musée.
In one of those old photos in the museum.
Tu peux changer ces vieilles lois.
These old laws, you can change them.
Grand-père aime regarder ces vieilles photos.
Grandpa loves to look at these old pictures.
Les vieilles légendes mentionnent ces créatures.
The old legends do speak of such creatures.
J'irai déterrer mes vieilles rubriques.
I will dig up some of those old web columns.
Je préfère les vieilles bouteilles aux nouvelles.
I like these old containers better than the new one.
Ces types sont de vieilles connaissances.
Columbo, these guys are like old friends.
Et vous devriez jeter vos vieilles chaussettes...
Why don't you throw your old socks away? Thanks for the help.
Elle parle de revoir ses vieilles connaissances.
She keeps talking about getting back together with her old friends.
Ils s'attaqueront aux vieilles dames.
Man: Sure. They're hitting more old ladies.
Mlle Petrovna reprend ses vieilles habitudes.
It seems that Miss Petrovna is back to her old ways.
Ces vieilles maisons vont être démolies.
All these old houses are going to be pulled down.
Dan a repris ses vieilles habitudes.
Dan's getting back to his old routines.
Adieu à vos vieilles cassettes vidéo.
Time to say goodbye to your old videotapes.
Laisse les vieilles racines boire ça.
Let some of your old roots soak that up.
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