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Translation of "visages" in English


Les filles doivent montrer leurs visages.
The girls need to get their faces out there.
Regarde les visages radieux de ces enfants.
Look at the happy faces on all the children.
Les modèles de visages sont stockés.
The face models (24) are stored.
Je ne reconnais pas les visages.
I can't recognize anyone by their face.
Je voyais leurs visages devant moi.
I would see their faces in front of me.
Je voyais les mêmes visages partout.
I kept seeing the same faces everywhere I went.
Tous les visages ont été brouillés.
All of the faces, though, have been blurred out.
Elle commence monter sur vos visages.
It's starting to work its way up your face.
Nos visages étaient couverts de larmes.
We both had tears streaming down our faces.
Continuez à chercher de nouveaux visages.
And you can keep on looking for new faces.
Plusieurs visages souriants, comme chez Eisenstein.
Lots of smiling faces cut like an Eisenstein movie.
Beaucoup passent pour des visages pâles.
A lot of them can pass for pale face.
Elle changeait chirurgicalement les visages de criminels.
She's been surgically changing the faces of criminals.
Et tous ces visages blancs agglutinés.
And all those white faces just clumped together.
Chaque matin, les mêmes visages boutonneux.
Every morning, the same faces full of pimples.
Ces différences constituent ensuite un vecteur n-dimensionnel représentant les visages classifiés.
Those differences are then formed into an N dimensional vector representing the classified faces.
Les visages de ceux qui nous gouvernent.
All that has been done is change the faces of the people in government.
Mascarons et visages grimaçants deviennent typiques du style primitif.
Masks and grotesque faces become one of the distinctive features of the Early Style.
Certains de ces visages sont bons.
Now, some of those faces, they're good.
Tout comme les blessures à leurs visages.
And the injury to the right side of their face is too similar, man.
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