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Translation of "visiblement" in English


Vous êtes visiblement un type intelligent.
I mean, you're obviously a very intelligent guy.
Il connaît visiblement les rouages du système judiciaire.
He obviously understands the parameters - of the judicial system.
Déjà après la première application on remarque une fermeté visiblement meilleure et une réduction des rides.
Already after the first application, a visibly better skin firmness appears, wrinkles are reduced.
Espérons que Konica Minolta tiendra pour assurer une vraie pérénité aux Dynax/Maxxum 7D et 5D (ce dernier ayant visiblement toutes les chances d'attirer le public).
Let's hope that Konica Minolta will stay long enough to provide a real commercial life to Dynax/Maxxum 7D and 5D (this one is visibly able to attract a large public that may have been frightened by the 7D prices while loving its features).
Tu l'as inspirée, visiblement.
Well, I mean, clearly you've inspired her.
Vous avez visiblement un esprit analytique.
Well, you clearly have an analytical mind.
Leur direction traverse visiblement une crise.
They're obviously going through a change of leadership.
C'est visiblement le mauvais reportage.
Well, that's obviously the wrong footage.
Vous savez visiblement qui je suis.
Okay, you obviously know who I am.
Vous et moi manquons visiblement de confiance.
There's obviously a lack of trust between you and I.
Il te trouvait attirante lui visiblement.
I mean, he was obviously attracted to you.
Tu as visiblement livré tes propres combats.
You've obviously been in your own battles, Perseus.
C'est visiblement important pour vous.
Well, obviously, it means a lot to you both, so...
Ils ont visiblement fait quelques rénovations.
Well, they've obviously done a few renovations.
Vous avez visiblement perdu beaucoup de poids.
You've obviously lost a great deal of weight.
Je sais, mais visiblement Madison souffre.
I know, but obviously Madison's in a lot of pain.
Ce n'est visiblement pas ça.
Forget it. It's obviously not what we're looking for.
Vous pouviez visiblement choisir n'importe quelle carrière.
Well, you could obviously do anything you put your mind to.
Notre partenaire Kolegram/Bleu-Blanc-Rouge a visiblement été fort efficace.
Kolegram/Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, our partner, has obviously been very efficient.
Quelqu'un cherchait visiblement quelque chose.
Well, clearly someone was looking for something.
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