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Translation of "vite" in English


plus vite +10k
très vite 5284
trop vite 4232
Bailey, Webber, préparez-vous vite.
Bailey, Webber, scrub in... fast.
Les élèves apprennent la langue trop vite.
People in the class are picking up the language way too fast.
Cette partie doit aller plus vite.
Okay, this part needs to move a little faster.
Vous abandonnez l'affaire très vite.
You're very quick to give up the chase.
Le plus vite possible, évidemment.
Well, obviously, you know, quick as possible.
Mais le corps humain pourrit vite.
But the human body is quick to rot.
Nos économies avaient filé assez vite.
We'd gone through our savings pretty fast.
Notre recenseur est mort relativement vite.
Our census worker died a relatively quick death.
Très vite, je voulais te dire...
Just real quick, OK? Listen. I want to tell you something.
Faut le ballonner vite plusieurs fois.
Okay, bag him a couple of times fast.
Fais-le vite pour exposer la plaie.
Just do it really fast, and then the wound is exposed.
Il démarre lentement mais termine vite.
He's a slow starter, but he finishes fast.
Dis-moi vite, vite, vite.
Tell me Quick... quick quick.
Je conduisais vite, trop vite.
I was driving fast, too fast.
Sors-le, vite, vite, vite.
Get it out, quick, quick, quick.
Pressé, vite, vite, vite.
Hurry, quick, quick, quick.
Allez, vite, vite, vite.
Come on, quick, quick, quick.
Katie Couric. vite, vite, vite.
Katie Couric. Quick, quick, quick.
Une perspective politique doit également pouvoir être proposée très vite.
Alongside this, it should also be possible to offer a political perspective very promptly.
Ta cheville semble avoir vite guéri.
Your ankle seems to have got better quickly.
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plus vite +10k
très vite 5284
trop vite 4232

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