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Translation of "vol" in English


au vol 997
J'y travaillerai pendant le vol.
I'll work on it on the flight over.
Installez-vous confortablement, et bon vol.
Si! back, relax, and enjoy the flight.
Meurtre au second degré et vol.
Two counts, murder in the second degree, theft.
Quiconque soustrait quelque chose est coupable de vol.
Whoever takes something not his. is guilty of theft.
On peut éliminer le mobile du vol.
No business, no cash, so that could rule out robbery as a motive.
Ils ont disparu depuis le vol.
And they've both gone missing since the last robbery.
Embarquement du vol 16 pour Madrid.
Announcing the departure of Flight 16 for Barcelona and Madrid.
Il a un vol à Heathrow dans trois heures.
Come on, Harry! OK, he's booked on a flight out of Heathrow in three hours.
Et nous envisageons un excellent vol.
And we're looking forward to a real good flight.
Prenez le prochain vol pour Atlanta.
I need you on the next flight to atlanta.
Alors détendez-vous et appréciez le vol.
So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.
Et le dernier vol est parti.
I missed the last flight to Dayton, so it's moot.
Il apporte les données de vol.
He's bringing me the flight information today.
Sumira Clarke, fichée pour vol et racket.
Sumira Clarke - she's got form for theft and, don't get me wrong.
Ils confirmaient un vol retour pour Minneapolis.
So they were confirming a flight back to Minneapolis.
15000 heures de vol. Apprends.
After 15000 hours of flight... you get it on first sight.
J'ai les enregistrements du vol.
I got the camera tapes out of the robbery squad.
Aucun chevauchement avec les victimes du vol.
There's no overlap with the victims from the robbery.
J'attraperai toujours le dernier vol.
I'll still be able to catch the last flight.
La fausse attaque cardiaque sur un vol international.
And, of course the fake heart attack on an international flight.
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au vol 997

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