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Translation of "voler" in English

rip off
flight shoplifting


va voler 237
Son objectif est de voler ma mère.
He's manipulating all of you because he's trying to steal my mother.
Un piège pour voler les lettres.
An ambush to steal the King's letters.
Sauf qu'il pouvait pas voler.
Sounds like the dude I saw, except he couldn't fly.
Nous voulons pouvoir voler à nouveau.
We want to be able to fly it again.
Jenks cherche à voler ses anciens associés.
Jenks is looking to rob his former business partner.
Navré de vous voler cet honneur.
Thanks, Doc, I'd hate to rob you of that honor.
J'aime voler autant que vous.
I like to steal as much as you do.
Ils vous déterreront pour le voler.
If you do, they'll dig you up and steal it.
Toujours abîmé mais prêt à voler.
Still banged up, but she's ready to fly.
On devrait lui interdire de voler.
I don't know why the real pilots even let him fly.
Il cherchait vraisemblablement quelque chose à voler.
Most likely, he was looking for something to steal.
Voyons comment faire voler ce bébé.
Let's see what it'll take to get this baby to fly.
Il veut toujours nous voler notre électricité.
All he ever wants to do is steal our electricity.
J'ai essayé de te voler de ta femme.
I've been trying to steal you from your wife, but it hasn't worked so far.
Je pourrais voler sous les radars.
I could fly low under their radar screen.
Le voler serait de l'inconscience.
No one in their right minds would steal from him.
Il voulait sûrement voler le téléviseur.
He was probably trying to steal the TV.
On essaye de comprendre comment voler.
Well, we're trying to figure out how to fly it.
On a un infirmier prêt à voler vos tubes...
There's a nurse downstairs about to risk his job to steal the blood you drew from yourself yesterday.
Si tu veux voler, allons-y.
Well, if you wanted to fly, then let's go.
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va voler 237

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