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Translation of "voudra" in English

will want wants to he'll want to would like he'll wanna
wishes to
willing to
going to
won't she'll
he's gonna wanna


L'inspecteur voudra sans doute une autopsie.
I'm sure the inspector will want an autopsy.
Marwan voudra faire l'échange dans l'heure.
My guess is Marwan will want to make this exchange within the hour.
Un agent des services secrets voudra entendre votre déposition.
A special agent from Secret Service wants to talk to you about the final deposition of this case.
Le ministre voudra sûrement y répondre directement.
I am sure the minister will want to respond to him directly.
Le député de Yukon voudra répondre brièvement.
The hon. member for Yukon will want to give a short answer.
Ta mère voudra récupérer ses affaires.
Now, your mother will want some of her things.
Je suis certaine que Mme Wallström, qui souhaite une meilleure application, voudra nous apporter son soutien.
I am sure that Mrs Wallström, who is very keen on getting better compliance, will want to support us in that.
Le ministre des Transports voudra sûrement, je le répète, trouver une solution juste et équitable envers tous.
What the Minister of Transport will want to do, as I suggested earlier, is come up with a solution that is fair and equitable to all concerned.
Julian voudra les marques pour lui.
Julian will want the markings for himself.
Généralement, votre fournisseur de services financiers voudra s'occuper de votre plainte avec diligence et équité.
Often your financial services providers will want to resolve a complaint promptly and fairly.
Reste à savoir qui voudra bien porter de tels souliers quand ils existeront vraiment...
Now it remains to be seen who will want to wear this type of shoe when it becomes a reality.
Plus personne ne voudra me fréquenter.
No one will want to be around me anymore.
Il voudra revenir immédiatement à Londres.
I expect he will want to go straight back to London.
Aucun chirurgien ne voudra la toucher.
No surgeon's going to touch her now.
Il voudra sûrement examiner Tom et Harry.
I think he's going to want to take a look at Tom and Harry.
On voudra vous séduire avec la décadence américaine.
Many people will take perverse pleasure in tempting you with American decadence.
Peut-être que Papa voudra revenir ici.
Maybe dad will want to come back here.
Il voudra sûrement être ma partenaire.
She'll probably want to be my partner.
Summers ne voudra jamais m'en redonner une bouteille.
It's no use my asking Summers for any more because he won't let me have it.
Elle voudra probablement voir cette photo.
She'll probably want to see that picture.
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