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Translation of "vu que" in English

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Je l'ai chiffré vu que vous l'aimiez beaucoup.
I figured since you liked it so much.
Disons 3 semaines, vu que tu es si conciliante.
Let's make it three weeks since you're so willing to agree.
Dong Wook devrait décider vu que c'est lui qui paye.
Dong Wook should decide because he's paying.
Rien apparemment, vu que personne ne boit.
Nothing obviously because nobody's drinking.
Tip, j'ai vu que ta sœur est rentrée.
Tip, I saw that your sister is back in town.
J'ai vu que tu arrivais.
Saw that you were coming in.
J'ai vu que tu avais raison.
Then I saw that you were right.
Mais vu que c'était Godric, tu risquerais n'importe quoi.
But because it was Godric, you'd risk anything.
Et vu que personne n'a de femme, quelqu'un doit s'en occuper.
And since neither of us have wives yet, somebody's got to keep it feeling that way.
Tu devrais venir ici avec Michael, vu que vous aimez l'aventure.
Well, maybe you should bring Michael down here, since you two are so adventurous.
Surtout vu que Ted détestait Shane et son père.
Especially since Ted hated Shane and his father.
On a vu que des cadavres.
We haven't seen anything but bodies between here and the hangar deck.
J'ai vu que tu les avais oubliés.
I found 'em in the hallway, thought maybe you'd forgot 'em.
Étonnant, vu que étiez mariés.
Raylan: Surprising, considering you used to be married to him.
Mais elle n'a toujours vu que toi.
But she could never see me, as you were always standing in the way.
J'ai vu que ça concernait Amanda.
I mean, I can't help but notice Amanda's name on that.
J'ai vu que tu as appelé.
I'm sorry I didn't call you back, I saw your missed calls.
Rubenstein a vu que tu connaissais cet univers.
Rubenstein said he could tell that you're a street kid and you get this world.
Sûrement vu que vous écoutez mon émission.
Well, you're listening to my show, so I will assume you do.
Il a vu que le virus serait en sécurité ici.
He saw to it that the virus be safely kept here.
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