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Translation of "דיברתם" in English

did you talk about were talking
were you talking about
did you guys talk about
were you guys talking about
you've been talking
did you speak
was discussed
was that about
was that all about
you spoke
what'd you talk about
were you two talking about
did you discuss
Have you talked


מחקתי אותה בזמן שאתה והכומר דיברתם.
I deleted it while you and the reverend were talking.
אז אמרת שאת ומר ראסל דיברתם?
So you said you and Mr. Rasal were talking?
על מה דיברתם כשהוא הסתכל למעלה?
What were you talking about right when he looked up?
אוקי, אתה ודפני דיברתם עליך ועליי
Okay, you and Daphne were talking about you and me?
אתה וסרינה דיברתם על איזו בחורה שקוראים לה אייבי?
You and Serena were talking about a girl named Ivy?
שלחת אותי החוצה, כשאתה וצ'יף דיברתם על עסקים.
You'd send me out of the room when you and Chief were talking business.
האם דיברתם על אחת התביעות שלנו?
So, did you talk about one of our cases?
שניכם דיברתם על שיתוף הפעולה בכל האסטרטגיות.
You both have talked about sharing the brain on all the strategy.
אתם בטח דיברתם עם הבחור מהשדרה השניה.
You must've been talking to that guy from Second Street.
אדם ואת דיברתם מאז טקס האשכבה?
Have you and Adam talked at all since the wake?
דיברתם על חתונה שבדיוק חזרתם ממנה.
You kept talking about some wedding that you just came from.
דיברתם כרגע על הרוצח, הארמני המפורסם
Were you guys talking about that famous Armenian serial killer,
דיברתם שניכם על תוכנית להוליד ילדים?
Have you two talked about a plan for having children?
היא אמרה שלא דיברתם שמונה חודשים.
She says she hasn't spoken to you for eight months.
שניכם דיברתם בטלפון כמה פעמים באותו היום.
You two talked on the phone a few times that day.
על זה אתה וקליפורד בלוסום דיברתם?
Is that what you and Clifford Blossom were talking about?
דיברתם על שימוש בכלים אני הייתי כלי, נכון?
You talked of using tools. I was a tool, wasn't l?
שניכם לא דיברתם, כמה זמן?
You two haven't spoken in how long?
רגע, לא דיברתם על זה?
Wait, you've never talked about it?
את ופרו באמת דיברתם רק על חתונה?
You and Prue were really just talking about a wedding?
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