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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
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power grab pretty high grey economy huge majority public speaker
venting device pig fat main hall submit complaints medical clinic
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supplying energy personal matters civil ceremony fucking guy division line
input panel limited range beyond belief community council dismantle it
charge rate legal counsellor age related drug user fixing bracket
low flow life miserable many who social adaptation service provider's
examining magistrates direct marketing lodging complaints empty rhetoric crucial part
perfectly safe increased temperature golden years tank vessel bearing force
briefing paper family firm sought out health threat substantial improvement
sedimentation tank threefold increase wider community global scene fluid coolant
refuse container lost revenues avail of data carrying in top
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living animal core structure feed product x-ray examination ear cup
welding apparatus being returned eldest brother civil freedoms special tribunals
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adult training soaring prices best prices hardwood floors staph infection
heads down university city serious infringements poverty levels cute one
resolution system of drinks about war playing time possible uses
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route network national department regular troops great speech luxury car
recruiting staff less time insurance funds bought off advertisement campaign
too painful conventional war short out public realm key condition
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recovering data respiratory disorder controller card be dismantled a layoff
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