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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
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poisoned chalice caribbean islands false friend presiding judge credit history
push down information technology fixed price pirate boat trench coat
export department non transferable magic power sub contract social progress
enterprise union insertion loss single platform working out pap smear
school fair profit-sharing plan solidarity fund nettle rash creatine kinase
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cable layer have trouble bank money make it shoe rack
prying eyes trial order recruitment agency primary battery come close
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steam cleaning regional manager superficial wound steel bar thermal relay
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legal redress natural philosophy overall length slide rule design stage
fraud detection knee connection heroic deed interest bearing data warehouse
beach towel machine language strict discipline become covered powder blue
halogen lamp life-insurance company billiard cue wire netting road metal
badly ventilated binary fission living districts email marketing distribution center
sports ground lens product all-star cast interim period music box
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minimum wage lactate dehydrogenase stealth bomber regain strength heat load
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language industry locking device horse around earth station speed bump
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land forces be conscious activated charcoal collection box mounted police
pedestrian street relational database north africa toilet roll long jumper
in unison keep on crime prevention old story deputy chairman
research centre breakfast time read on marriage counselor armchair politician
post-economic crisis not yet of strasbourg farther forward horror story
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classification index military police fine bookbinder emergency procedure rabble rouser
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power savings expansion board information age mobile call water jacket
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group velocity failing that battling against finance manager dependent on
inspector general water level social security great ape folk tale
hand massage balance weight prepayment privilege big league land register
hydraulic jack break free hodgkin's disease ear sore be humbling
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space lab grappling hook dog handler side show telephone booth
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market day paper web drawing card sessile oak health profession
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master copy baja california life story operating income led screen
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