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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
in all directions to the ground in this field shall be determined a connecting rod
a decision taken the sales price number of revolutions the service sector in reply to
on the road as far as possible in the neighbourhood a clamping screw an alarm system
right to information from here on a state party to that extent the exhaust pipe
combined heat and power at the same height the air bag rate of duty to take action
do not have there is no doubt that stream of air so that's why a video recorder
in liaison with things like that member of the board shall make public a thousand times
a belt drive side of the road a carding machine movement of people on a massive scale
combined heat and power plant at your leisure allocation of funding bowl of soup number of others
acknowledgment of receipt level of compensation to pay homage over a number of years social insurance contributions
all the above are produced in in analogy to deputy director general application has been lodged
delivery period shall to come see telephone answering machine candidate member state application for marketing authorisation
transport by sea range of adjustment movement for persons for valuable consideration costs of manufacturing
shall take place on continue to follow does not in any way war on drugs able to be adjusted
to bring down trend in prices to be settled in that manner ignition locking system
open to question failing to comply with not a bad thing surface of contact few minutes before
area of action a working station to abstain from off and on a few minutes before
to see through think this through failure to honour game of tennis item of footwear
exertion of pressure of your own free will fall in production on our guard the very bottom
removal by suction can benefit from rate of anti-dumping duties will stay in rear wheel drive
ease of operation number of rotations as the years basis for negotiations cross-country ski run
on our backs a gas cooker an air raid within close proximity a dispensing apparatus
on the clock countries of transit to lay off extend my congratulations once per month
a temporary measure get carried away come to terms failing to comply make a move
carry out research has doubts about not in keeping

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