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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
perpetual motion present condition consumer spending around here source language
human relations factory worker how far tyrannosaurus rex emergency landing
large family capital city national university common practice the elements
to conceive to broadcast all-out war exercise book slip into
to calculate to implant your order scholarship student dry weather
close game base line to subtract to concede minced meat
all night spinal column to contradict stepping motor network structure
time warp distant land tax avoidance to rob on-the-job training
routing code coffee lounge critical section significant digit cutthroat competition
chance meeting written statement warm reception puppet show previous engagement
sure thing forked road the sabbath silicon carbide rock salt
yellow jacket fine pattern the elite farther down careful consideration
dragon king land in to intervene land transportation olympic games
neighboring country supreme ruler to itemize flat fee to offend
preventive maintenance to double production line to oppress come under
long silence price rise graduation certificate korean war pop-up book
to lodge deputy minister extra charge identification card forced smile
center line floor plate future prospects wheat harvest front office
narrow view to chip premature baby let off optical storage
severe attack good mood one-way traffic one side gun barrel
great success personal seal small animal huge rock to level
to curtail lazy person external pressure fluorescent lamp blue book
to illuminate to bundle dive to bring back to excite
master sergeant machine instruction election day operating company certain person
to tell heating element to adorn antarctic ocean blood clot
official publication right now difficult situation machine word opening ceremony
wood-block printing coming off to slight wounded person to drift
special number margin transaction to memorise those present prussian blue
gas mask both hands to intrude code value fill character
suitable person public network all creation run into line discipline
evil ways bathing suit local cuisine to trample martial artist
to trespass important task machine code to labor to transplant
one eye upper arm falling down neutral zone to survive
finish off severe earthquake warning message check pattern sole proprietor
to nibble smiling face free time newborn baby to imply
local newspaper batch processing one book report generation recent work
to divert cold wave no vacancy mobile phone market order
connection request to strip to heighten traffic flow treasury stock
great popularity to submerge to pardon famous sword festival float
black diamond to prefer to forsake law office rough skin
may day to empty total loss bull's eye personnel reduction
silk thread public domain to belittle to lecture love child
traveling expenses pipe dream outstanding debt to spring full story
to retaliate original intention yours truly private house to scoop
previous conviction working class to eat durable goods universal language
to demarcate to produce dead drunk to swear low rank
low spirits uncultivated land buddhist teachings set back unlucky day
female servant paddy field putting off moisture content instrumental trio
silicone resin to gloat travel expenses silver medal cane sugar
western painting fixate on bullet hole kinky hair to deteriorate
shrill voice fire door low tide alternative energy get to
horror film sacred treasure burn off gentle breeze desperate measure
celestial maiden pitch black increase to put behind draw down
poor health price hike home business fall upon pitch dark
rapeseed oil public housing interactive program upper classes childhood friend
blood lust to chase magnificent view two wheels foreign rice
standing still to correspond memory protection smooth talker business community
silk spinning peripheral node to usurp summit meeting full payment
naughty child to encircle kitchen utensils outer garment dry season
to plead amaterasu oomikami bad taste private joke north korea
traffic accident to color american military oral instruction forward compatibility
to fascinate dry out being ashamed young nobleman chinese chive
diesel locomotive live wire one stroke faint smile to scale
to degenerate to loathe your will guard house home telephone
take with sanctum sanctorum hasty conclusion black soybean sake brewery
spring water to break transfer price pleasure boat baby formula
wealthy person to exile toxic substance superiority complex preliminary inspection
to discern to dethrone to traverse spare moment scrap metal
flower bud good plan immigration office to hoist taking in
horizontal plane release from clever person great talent fixed rate
successive emperors advance warning to cleanse agreeable to sequential access
hereditary disease data object chop suey language construct to decipher
foreign exchange two parts aircraft engine family trouble petty thief
sincerely yours training school to pare nice person spring rain
avid reader to scramble to unroll hidden line eldest daughter
to reconstruct rhythm method to extinguish company policy short while
long road safety measure stray dog foolish talk muddy water
large temple cartesian coordinates next spring running errands admit to
secret ballot good bargain to hurl side entrance low comedy
front gate base metal to spray observation point ring finger

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