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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
muddy road to dilute malicious gossip public discussion long line
construction cost spin around bank balance active matrix exhaust fan
leather belt trade union oil consumption cool breeze distributed system
video signal business entity disk drive same rank playing around
success story signal fire environmental degradation technical problem solar panel
index number grow into central china deserted house call in
power down blue chip associate with integrated software drain off
punched tape inert gas severe criticism disaster relief modern literature
taboo word tax reduction intangible asset load sharing remote control
attribute list point system evasive answer volume label eleventh hour
recursive function refresh rate service cost electronic money old account
poor quality strategic location step out hand truck dim light
cardiovascular disease short hair typographical error automatic configuration manual operation
steel plate household goods static storage labor day conversion rate
software support throw on no doubt relative weight full report
rectangular solid play into loan shark imperial rescript cabinet secretary
contingency plan observation window diamond sutra medical examination fair return
national law cater for voice training enlist in to reproduce
mating call steel pipe leave for chief judge full screen
combine with the world house call pentatonic scale managing editor
powdered sugar pack ice depth perception rice bowl network management
white light military rule bubble bath absolute majority antitrust act
day off conspicuous consumption treasury bill to finance next page
white person fatal error available time lap joint blow off
elder statesman debit balance command language data element technical training
dedicated to card holder copyright holder window frame sweep through
to cause standard form fire escape search key psychosomatic medicine
legal tender data source to swipe message source unit test
new publication center fielder prime mover binary system communication protocol
character code line terminal general idea alumni association family relationship
water transportation nuclear weapon flat roof medical checkup foreign matter
subscription list leased land industrial design boo boo magnetic force
transmission path live video dark energy one person address resolution
imperial court wash off deposition rate study tour input unit
evening star good thing trade fair poetic sentiment steady state
free field same level physical address double play regular member
local court flip out cut to souvenir shop scenic spot
treasure trove pilot light drug-sniffing dog null character evergreen tree
input port shooting range japanese iris name resolution financial condition
interval timer processing equipment clean sweep us dollar pyramid scheme
single base public official large sum gold reserve general meeting
being fearful fellow student downward compatibility reflect on crescent shape
dial out current collector wrap around lecture on production rate
zero-sum game bass clef hold down prime factor logic unit
landing zone blotting paper entertainment hall standard size digital book
distinguished family crossing over coaxial cable ice bag space probe
empty stomach a tip monetary value bring around marginal cost
drown in error recovery bus stop data sink sending office
flood control one hand air pipe assembly time incoming traffic
silk crepe night train shift register every year cabinet minister
bowler hat control function jump on news program boiling point
power station red pepper positive value jump instruction archived file
digital signature multibyte character policy making playing field police box
flush toilet hen egg small teapot background check multiple access
reference line down from sales strategy removable media remote operation
to wish any larger national sovereignty have down local history
pure love mad about upper seat bills receivable random number
nuclear test front man commercial use performance report early evening
northern territories coding system deal with macro definition learn of
radiation damage gradual progress to choke special train to spew
river water verse form find again impose upon to pawn
sales agent shock wave heavy makeup to progress mating season
dynamic memory social gathering certain amount muscle cell small plate
cube root normal value tea room the cream other bank
short novel naked woman sound sleep great length clear about
combustible material to overthrow town council shaven head pep rally
blow job high point movie theater air service work around
sleeping alone tend to large animal personnel record municipal office
beloved child memory device to neighbor police cell musical notation
exact science shoulder girdle error range geisha house opposite side
casualty insurance war crime head wind push for devote to
to reorganize right-angled parallelepiped financial structure gift certificate heat pump
welcome party free translation national debt suicide attack station name
open space former lord iron rod traumatic experience japanese paper
highest bidder to slaughter parallel mode fishing grounds waste disposal
serious injury to turn to corrupt avant garde air mail
fan club runny nose to suppose flow in ainu people
lightning bolt horse riding degrees fahrenheit any better little toe
like for japanese style wood carving primary product general trend
down through quite willingly current status ceiling fan secondary storage

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