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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
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superior officer different from sodium chloride chief abbot black bean
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euclidean space heavy labor welfare state final byte arithmetic operation
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an injection three colors not busy power-on sequence geneva convention
technical adviser dry off tartaric acid upper limit oil content
to examine ancestor worship falling rocks correct path summary order
walking slowly the swan input statement scare off linear motion
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trade at french military invoice amount reserve capacity middle period
enemy plane sutra box transport layer system processor british isles
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malpractice insurance late king opening line good sense moral purpose
tape speed cooperative ties brewing industry hall effect duct tape
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special guests deep cut mechanical engineering screw plug north american
track name database server dry cell call back front tooth
folic acid feel of derived work to replenish weak person
passenger manifest dump in tree species my manuscript cassette recorder
product update food distribution layout category pickled plum unique identifier
almost dead stomach cramps cold spell tightening discipline fine incense
six minutes one-woman show to hassle in back passionate about
poor soil war photographer operating budget savings insurance carbon tax
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marine corps a loop platform specific chemical seasoning double ring
line speed bank reference view plane program documentation standby system
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conditioned reflex old manners type picker controlling company absolute zero
by jove good intentions record date prop plane to cloud
ordered set fresh leaves complete physical sleep soundly large grain
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input line all across flexible about status flag file search
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processor card to guide data retention power pole religious history
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dash for convex lens this thing the cup reaction time
white fox project files ski resort educational administration eastern europe
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repeat interval sales staff heart pounding nine days free spirit
paleolithic culture helper application source data risky investment column list
library management dynamic html compression ratio middle point fertility doctor
revengeful ghost line parameter downside potential sample unit to mangle
flying boat application-specific information storage class daily record network termination
relative velocity product model remote administration material parameters water rights
red tape chicken bones to repaint certain place mass consumption
limbic system reformist group shake off highest income public authority
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large force the money stand between detached office auditory system
glom onto hardware platform dwelling site calculated risk sea urchin
to unbind satellite television sensitive skin memory segment finance business
white hot musical chairs blue ogre a file drug addiction
innocent girl buddhist terminology roll paper the governed previous time
adverse situation old gentleman chlorine water venereal disease substitution list
default setting memory map enterprise database flock to network architecture
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application control daily food zero argument scientific experiment scale rate
growing older auxiliary power shopping bag great fortune japanese-style garden
adult guardian play count to commiserate initial settings dirty hands
production report inferior species vertical lathe steep cliff diplomatic affairs
japanese nationality sultry night being upset printed book anti-prostitution law
another place a zodiac hide details reference block body length
cutting corners autograph session military strategist backflow preventer air crash
theatrical troupe to commune to penalize system specification to instill
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industrial espionage original judgment direct sale bringing together background noise

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