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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
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deep grief to inhale healthy body one tenth pull out
research organization different age great eruption chemical substances each morning
kid stuff tea strainer deceased mother play against to relocate
tour guide melting process short legs carbon tetrachloride white tabi
main fleet memory chip holding action clock signal normal temperature
sexual appetite assistant judge beautiful weather japan post false modesty
back window all circumstances wild waves object code party lines
authorized shares prevailing wind security money crossbar switch mutual company
banana peel fence off top two hourly data weary of
tar with unauthorized use space technology foot traffic cream puff
system security being hired dioxin contamination stamp album every spring
higgs mechanism full mastership tsetse fly vinegared rice design right
pseudo-foreign company a crusade digital link representative work english major
static electricity editor command bone marrow decimal digit bad effect
western japan cerebral anemia poultry house silver paint rather large
hop count technical term blow in drawing check special right
specific gravity lot of excellent horse declining industry fishing net
mass media not through drawn water favorable condition remaining snow
like mad suspending performance emergency order managerial position being famous
information object active volcano party member auxiliary device execute time
railway line wearing clothes stick out trust business spend in
dash off bang on happy medium political affairs zip file
immigration policy working conditions active partition the carnival local control
seedless watermelon different lot recent times beneficiary certificate writing mode
technical reference polite japanese mnemonic name single thread fight scene
nuclear energy process number screen display exchange control sunny spot
enthronement ceremony whole village append mode lean meat current phase
advanced communication to contact two times main shop package software
get onto thick fog poetry style to wave crescent moon
to praise weak point deep blue to seize to endure
to entertain to tear to declare to chant to appoint
personal appearance talented person to entrust to disturb to injure
to refuse to hinder to vomit to recite to frown
to exclude elder brother to employ to confer good omen
to swell to smoke to postpone to explain to refine
to hang intense heat to accumulate ill will battle formation
to snatch to seduce to undertake blue sky to pack
to strain to sense to experience driving force the plow
popular song to obstruct sales promotion to squeeze to devise
genuine article still more to dispute good taste to investigate
to satisfy to divine to congratulate to dedicate to apply
to bud to pursue to mind to allot sneak thief
setting sun to age to engrave to remake light brown
to trick to shorten to contract to burst to soar
to splash to evade to prune to suspect ordinary person
to comprehend to howl to dodge to quarrel to argue
to estimate to shrink to purchase foreign country rear guard
to squat to weaken to urge to dismiss to dangle
garbage man the universe to fret to curve to restrain
to rub to ponder night work rare book to float
lucky day to thrust to state to enumerate to stamp
good feeling to hasten to interpret to like taking turns
to haunt to expel good offices country bumpkin to stoop
to yell to taste to carve to recognise to criticize
to soak common knowledge to possess to extort to stick
light rain filial piety to abate temporary worker to disperse
selling price to meddle to sway to misread to cram
to disclose to hire cut end to stroke to defy
to decorate to grieve night watch to rally to lay
to instruct to succeed to overtake inferiority complex to charm
prefix notation to nominate to copy run down to desire
to mature to distort official announcement to affix to invent
to exceed public corporation abusive language soap opera in addition
to grumble in detail to suggest to insist to promise
black spot dark gray hot spot to tempt to rock
to assume rough estimate tall building to discipline to announce
folk song false charge to participate explanatory note to imagine
divine punishment big talk to install bring in cut out
to applaud passing away everyday clothes daily life trap door
great difference serious illness to enclose refined sugar to invade
official notice to deny throw out to boast to trim
to decrease blind person to admire dining table to demolish
to commence groundless rumor bad debt to roar to relate
to exhaust shoot out trade association run off superficial knowledge
inside story to mediate to compromise to lift to forbid
sudden change to raid boarding house to arise to revive
to falter outward appearance to stab to defer to stand
without reserve financial situation reddish brown common saying to bow
to prosper preventive measure to caress useless person to ripen

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