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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
to consider to distract to reserve to retreat to hesitate
successive generations poor writing assembly hall running away to persist
to confess to stimulate chinese person old person to slant
to kidnap to dispatch inexperienced person cost price without hesitation
low price old customs to soften to retort to hurry
knock out to assess to subdue to gasp to toss
to cheer to crowd false report to slay to suspend
friendly relations all things without delay easy money dead person
meritorious deed without exception small fry to forget polish notation
to prize mountain stream to fit leading figure to block
to influence to pour preferential treatment to impress to brag
serious crime deferred payment showing off side door in succession
ulterior motive first meeting to know to clear shotgun wedding
executive officer married woman to inflict to pick oral tradition
code element national language to crack critical moment to widen
to sit day shift public servant deep red to stumble
that person pressure gauge hack out bitter experience to fill
to flicker to inquire the emperor to get full size
to compose to roast cash payment to worship to loiter
to overlap relief work leave off barber shop construction worker
to rear to perish at ease to sleep to conspire
shark fin year end to elapse pure white leading actor
dress rehearsal liberal arts to conflict to vary to rearrange
to drill flat rate official seal to shed drive off
master clock to dye low grade special edition categorical imperative
to shadow to spill to chastise small amount natural beauty
world fair war cry come through deep affection to wreck
to bestow to dominate to reverberate stopgap measure to knock
draw on to enlarge well-informed person to harvest to weep
to flutter to incorporate wedding ceremony written language competitive spirit
to scorn good deed different opinion departed soul to address
by force lower classes careful selection chinese medicine to surface
branch store to intimidate to detain to incite to sentence
first volume influential person to memorize residential area to contend
to embrace early morning unrefined sake to leap common law
to sport electromagnetic compatibility sacred ground severe punishment funny story
to engage night shift the future new moon to occupy
brave warrior distribution cost to grind to bound to harass
sleeping together wild boar ordinary clothes to shoulder to discontinue
to digest foreign company garbage dump to practise to untangle
internal strife true meaning to strengthen tacit understanding to shock
to practice to force to pledge to pluck to delay
battle cry to shun to depart work force at once
to interfere to clash fertile land to torture to devote
open system commit to military affairs to cajole burn out
bargain price to forgive great poet rural districts to preach
to knead complete change to mock john doe double time
to descend to provide to persecute high water music hall
to leave phonetic symbol imported goods to bore job searching
clerical work connecting rod business corporation to wriggle acceptance test
suggestion box dynamic allocation come off university graduate to skin
to furnish far off organic farming general remarks draw in
to propose to pity to nest dirt cheap sea breeze
advantageous to probability mass write through line load conversion value
patch file proper care profile analysis food microbiology administration cost
microscopic test vtol aircraft after journal first cost information cost
network packet account identifier x64 edition labor bureau in memory
experienced in cargo hatch initial setup role system release message
good standing log message characteristic element either one file association
considerable progress booking agent oval office media access shamisen accompaniment
part load spam filter environment agency food aid japanese document
total output parser generator great fun during execution start-up venture
finish date additional drive technical analysis anxious over document inspector
human relationship transaction error backup data graphics environment text size
video chat communicate to ski lift faithful dog good humor
debugging symbols abstract class english teacher permission bit binding on
vibration proof made of corresponding line picking at global industries
program requirement clearer to normal event name drop calendar event
html text property accumulation special message postscript document federal agent
pcmcia bridge industry average court hearing matsuya foods recent items
preference level setting pressure deposit window strategic goal inside man
chicken nugget information process connector card component versions partial shipment
priority value east anglia on position adzuki bean english class
markov model bus shelter vector table test generation response file
disabled module administrator options ring binder shiga bank tie in
fraser river high turnover price trend printing option fast color
film series room charge catalog set within last remember about
balk at correlation rule the head command security additional work
homosexual sex character separation golden temple emergency generator credit situation
mail format official page reconstruction works city zoning data keyword

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