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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
to colour pleasure trip great wisdom water heater to span
to consent table salt remote place user registration regular meeting
to contemplate peace agreement to repay flashing light sign language
pickled vegetables soil moisture a lot commercial bank to abuse
head chef abstract art high power to frighten to endeavor
new student to abide to discard to abduct public telephone
beer belly solitary confinement bent back set phrase every direction
crushing defeat security police patrol boat spinning machine capital stock
to favour private detective remote region foot soldier cost effectiveness
street vendor to disconnect to harden take for general rule
to complicate season ticket to absorb to confine to classify
rapid progress shrine maiden poor crop to implore secret information
to predict to aggravate manufacturing cost death anniversary to foster
to watch principal offender memorial day to debate this life
to tire to mourn wrapping paper old fashioned old tree
rise to brute force doing well avian influenza reform school
light green all right scaling factor wise saying fuzzy logic
resource allocation general survey practical use new method to realise
popular opinion talk down congratulatory gift to supervise get by
to thrive to master to jest bad smell cost reduction
hit with to pat not necessarily to clip rice ball
key money magical power to volunteer main line chamber pot
to smile exclusive interview to beckon faint light paper making
to reform familiar face isolation ward to impose repair shop
gramophone record to curl cool down to plough to jolt
small quantity to grip military government to reside open account
minor offense mutual understanding key point fishing tackle to fish
to eject pubic hair downward trend basic concept how much
soup bowl night duty public hearing base station joint management
to spin to dump to laugh power line substitute character
false tooth access time to wager to jam height of
common area garbage collector sequential file minor key general strike
sit on oil filter level indicator star system dirty word
slip on going around pvc pipe to soothe whole family
delivery room incense burner threshold level bituminous coal reduce to
to appease local color kitchen garden absolute monarchy rich soil
selling off to dash high fidelity record low to accept
trailing edge personal call line drawing sea route living space
social position have with labor union to mention power shovel
central figure fly out auxiliary storage to show supply line
sake cup special product to slip low frequency package deal
charge with white meat elderly person short period oral examination
to surge lay on to fool special feature city council
former governor imperial seal call out shoulder blade single standard
raster graphics lay out energy conservation cashier's check even more
first class electric heater important person blood relative international trade
to dry first half discount rate land tax one-night stand
advance guard secret agent public assistance directly opposite to flash
heavy duty good crop future generations rest on control area
young man pass over to consolidate breaking down to woo
cooling down good performance antique shop the orient to bet
special order relief measure long sword honourable mention deputy director
general delivery skilled hand send down gautama buddha civil law
nonprofit organization character class demand draft industry standard public funds
modern style fixed cost financial support work against rocket launcher
light red main storage high end fellow traveler hunting ground
positional parameter the underworld high price additional tax period drama
to concern air transportation notice board capital letter peeling off
to burn fine down direct debit to pound photo studio
high tide south korea chief engineer antique store frequency band
to envy hang on female circumcision driving rain assumed name
mountain top hold in fertile soil flagship store crazy about
foster parent hot flash criminal investigation push through heat sink
corporate culture late spring high-water mark linear algebra after all
logic element just now medium quality invoice price every time
every day life imprisonment distant view indicator light looking back
traffic control synthetic fiber release time primary school operating costs
to quibble slave labour to accuse spot check light color
reckless driving race track to wed turn over potted plant
decayed tooth a priori time lag old friendship temporary expedient
private company smoke alarm closed circuit to broil to refrain
corporal punishment cross section sink into chain store roll back
foundation stone publishing house white elephant family tradition longitudinal direction
bad harvest gravitational field economic slowdown bid price great achievement
social work long time close call busy period sheet metal
carry on chief executive for men stepping stone distinguishing mark
perennial plant parliamentary system square root public works dangerous place
to squirm home cooking private business fall in kidney stone
to ask input stream big game long stay to overpower
cop off coming together married couple tail fin artificial respiration

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