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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
news flash low quality volume header accidental death secret language
all sides ancient language to flap to move to eradicate
catching fire all ages to inspire straw hat brace for
every week economic downturn loopback test electrical engineer traffic congestion
normal position to narrate to agitate digital-to-analog converter fried rice
military training civil service arable land information system private enterprise
refined taste to exert lay to good will odd job
draw into your name traveling salesman change log operating pressure
load factor back room heavy taxation credit account foreign goods
ryukyu islands each time light yellow space character deceased person
actual parameter error correction consecutive number booby trap signal ground
to stake knock down cover charge tape drive fierce attack
to make access point city bank separate volume shift to
connected with hard line horseback riding casual wear to consume
a little easy victory field test close relationship to follow
double quick physical geography to season to adopt election campaign
imperial guards to cower to broaden an excuse music festival
same-sex marriage voltage regulator to amuse keep down spare part
monetary union tissue paper to comply spread through to alienate
high court back number mesh network mortgage loan public land
true heart economic system to dip condition code whole army
guest speaker iron will false rumor to scrape industrial area
to ease information technology branch line hierarchical directory to isolate
to crunch to confuse auspicious event to stare to hop
geosynchronous orbit distant future musical performance distribution center inside joke
to conduct to drain sexual assault elevated railway to crumble
to stray fish market mental arithmetic set for to oversleep
direct service at least product planning at fault to sever
to survey far above old times nuclear force foster mother
network resource community life to slit to spur intense cold
deadly poison time signal war funds to mend remote countryside
to expedite electric charge harvest festival concurrent post to excuse
absolutely necessary late autumn locking device lower back rain shower
death penalty smart phone stable hand good walker incurable disease
lucky person industrial union coal mining bitter taste additional memory
hanging down appraised value fix on old fox blind alley
contract price tap water to clarify lossy compression total darkness
to resemble urgent message to enrich data security human resources
sudden rise utility program to overhear surrender to pulmonary tuberculosis
water jug central part permanent storage white cloth whole country
healthy person to designate to relish special reserve computer language
main frame leave at musical note branch office to circulate
roller bearing component type illegal character street corner picking out
one part mountain climber industrial waste to behead heavy work
to double-cross core business tail end to refrigerate binary tree
loud voice salary increase to salt to backfire wooden sword
stray bullet ethnic group imminent danger your house tape recorder
private management salted fish record high all over deep gratitude
hard copy gallium arsenide of course rapid prototyping former name
news media dressing gown to discharge inner shrine greenish brown
to apprehend utility routine criminal offense short story demilitarized zone
puncture wound canola oil military secret deep space to dislike
to lengthen talcum powder telecommunications carrier full scale returning home
roof tile each house lump sum give out to temper
passive voice used car laying in western european to bathe
definite answer to solicit to startle alarm bell low voice
management function to involve crafty person maritime law last days
high jump last winter moral law ugly woman mysterious power
background radiation railroad track galvanic cell license fee advance troops
literary magazine financial assistance soft-shelled turtle creative power staff officer
the ropes mounting bracket to greet come in empty words
to inherit good quality chicken meat scenic beauty quality goods
insurance premium secret weapon flat out coal bed day nursery
to trap abundant harvest distribution channel mental image night attack
green grass going alone male prostitute cold shower competitive edge
to convey to recede assessed value to humiliate bus line
disciplinary dismissal to deposit side street post horse control station
to clap stop order brave woman object language much more
settle on general view key figure to toil strong person
to decay to hone back in dynamic load winter clothing
service sector administrative control con man left hand secret formula
marriageable age foster father old clothes old hand former husband
judicial decision like this regular price bottle gourd human habitation
to procure nodal point to wet to revere infection rate
going concern to wail adjust to to uproot bay window
dry rot notary public to exercise investigative commission animated film
living expenses to disseminate big shot entertainment expenses deep sigh
to picture to condemn draw to wish-fulfilling jewel to subside
accounting entity above average arctic ocean to calm economic collapse
the inside lottery ticket first appearance special holiday lock in

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