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Translation Context Conjugation Synonyms
course of events by some chance harder and harder forever and ever free and easy
close at hand payment in advance to pass by to be discouraged to talk big
to be formal now and then to run down in no way to pull in
figure of speech trembling with fear come down to to come together at the expense of
for some time to work out way of talking digital signal processor again and again
to send for to ward off year after year to get hungry to speak frankly
beginning and end to make sure to put back to call in to marry off
to be like to wander about play on words the whole body to change places
to take care of to blow off to get better good or bad to be found
to smooth out figure of merit to embark on to gain weight to get worse
to be hidden to bring together to pour out to look at along the road
breach of contract to be promoted to fiddle with to shave off crowd of people
to take offense to persist in to suffer from to start with to work hard
to hold back to be embarrassed place of work to make love to be expensive
to add to in good health merits and demerits to turn back to be refreshed
to the utmost man of letters high definition television to be playful take away from
to lose heart one and only to break through the other way all at once
to call on to be influenced to throw down to pick a fight without a hitch
peace of mind to result in to become thin from the start to hang around
to be popular making light of sense of color to lose consciousness to catch fire
to be arrogant in due course lending and borrowing for that reason to set out
to pin down to make public likes and dislikes to be pleased to have sex
to step back to be different to lose face to get out virtual private network
flock of sheep simple and clear to let loose lack of ability letter of resignation
cloud of dust to pose as to put on airs to cut out to indulge in
to set free to insist on to look around to conform to to lean over
the whole country to be pleased with in a hurry to make clear to die out
to be overwhelmed to drive out course of action in that way to play dumb
to fall through to be spoiled female genital mutilation least significant digit set of three
such and such hail of bullets dispatch of troops to be visible to be greedy
pull out of faint of heart liquid crystal display hard of hearing fit of anger
place of execution to push in rule of law to be shy on the way
out of sight get down to to be idle seal of approval to come from
to slide down to mess around system of government all the more date of expiry
sexually transmitted disease to be raised bill of goods by and by to be equal
to turn around transfer of control to be rough tears of blood cut and paste
stock on hand to get pissed off setting the table to be full second in command
to aim at to spit out to take on to be bothered young and old
on the occasion to be suspended to take care to set about officers and men
to join hands to die down passing each other the imperial throne to come loose
state of progress hour by hour to be smashed to be cooked traditional japanese dance
to do together get on to tears of gratitude to provide for to sit down
to get together to attain enlightenment to give notice to send word to become rich
to be related to be encouraged to concentrate on at that time to shed tears
presence or absence putting on hold row of houses love of learning loading and unloading
to glance at to be prejudiced to be mistaken piece of wood long and thin
to belong to to walk about to pour into death by hanging council of war
to make tea to be effective out of hand generation after generation to strip off
to push through to commit a crime eating between meals the new year starts to be bright
arithmetic and logic unit to bend down to get lost to be flexible to write out
to be contrary saying too much to keep silent to wipe out to start anew
to get going to be enough to shut in in the end staying at home
to be comprehended to take revenge sooner or later to move back to be sensible
to be transformed to apply to hotter and hotter to count on to keep secret
to be anxious waxing and waning to hang out to side with the very best
to ask again to be healed to bump into place of business end of text
to bite off number of years to see through to be covered cause and effect
would have liked to stop by to make fun of to feel sick to be reasonable
to make an appearance to confide in to turn in to wish for to take back
to be scared to compare with to close the curtain to fall ill entering the priesthood
to be worth to be relieved state of things living in poverty to be hungry
to find fault with to be profitable to freeze to to grapple with to take steps
eating and drinking man of talent to give birth college of music no match for
jaws of death to be sad night after night to be careful free trade zone
bring back to to carry in band pass filter port of entry to comply with
number of times cyclic redundancy check to be fixed to thin out to step forward
structured query language to be occupied looking down on point of sale to be frightened
sense of duty to be square to think out to step aside to be consistent
burden of proof to be aggravated to take a break to mingle with come around to
room to let nuclear power plant to lend a hand to tumble down public relations department
to sound out long-term credit bank to try out number of people to be logical
lying face down administration of justice high pass filter to take the blame to slip out
to keep in mind all day long to focus on front and rear to be sorry
to attend to with a thud sun and moon the said person to be damaged
to be sufficient to seclude oneself postal life insurance in all ages contrary to expectations
at a glance to change direction to fall over japanese rice wine point of view
to be transmitted missing a meal to slow down to participate in to be exposed
easy to read to do over to deal in to squeeze out to be reduced
to think over point of departure to single out to be separated to run after
to become extinct to be destroyed to be mixed to feel refreshed suicide by hanging

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