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Translation of "andar" in English


Largo de aquí mientras puedes andar.
Get out of here while you can still walk.
Aunque había aprendido a andar era muy inestable.
Although she had learnt to walk, she was dangerously unstable.
Cortó conmigo para andar con este mánager y así conseguimos la presentación.
She cut out on me to hang out with this band manager guy and that's how we get the gig in the first place.
Prefiero no andar con ese tío.
I don't want to hang out with you guys any longer.
No puedo andar contigo viendo películas y comiendo pizzas.
I can't just go around watching movies and eating pizza with you.
No puedo andar haciéndole preguntas íntimas sobre su barco.
I can't go around asking the Captain intimate questions about his ship.
Y este santo andar continuó durante trescientos años.
And this holy walk was continued for three hundred years.
Quieren hablar, tenemos que andar.
You want to talk, we got to walk.
Puedo andar de rodillas si quieren.
Mother, I can walk on my knees if they want me to.
No quiere andar ni comer nada.
He doesn't want to walk or eat or anything.
Podrías mostrar tu andar un poco, también.
You might want to try slowing your walk a little, too.
Necesitaba andar segura frente a la cámara.
I needed to walk steadily in front of the camera.
Yo siempre quiero correr antes de poder andar.
Story of my life. I'm always trying to run before I can walk.
No balancee sus brazos al andar.
Don't swing your arms when you walk.
Quería una excusa para andar juntos.
I wanted an excuse to walk in together.
Lleva zapatillas que se iluminan al andar.
He's got those shoes that light up when you walk.
Tenemos que andar y andar rápido.
We have to walk and walk fast.
No podemos andar hablando de cómo seremos cuando crezcamos.
We can't go around anymore talking about what we're going to be like when we grow up.
Tiene un andar rápido elegante y potente.
It has a rapid, elegant and powerful gait.
Algunos piensan que al andar serios pueden ser espirituales.
Some people think that by being serious they can be spiritual.
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