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See also: cachorro humano
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Translation of "cachorro" in English



Ella sale con su bicicleta y cachorro...
She goes out with her bike and puppy to do some...
Veo que traes un pequeño cachorro.
I see you've brought a little puppy.
Como un cachorro sobrecargado con sus obligaciones.
Such a cub to be burdened with this task.
Parecía un cachorro de pantera intentando gruñir.
He looked like a panther cub trying to snarl.
Sabes, le crié desde cachorro.
You know, I raised him from a pup.
Lo vi desde que era cachorro.
Of course, I could see that when he was a pup.
Eres tan vulnerable como un cachorro.
Okay, you're vulnerable like a puppy.
Intercambiaste al cachorro por un taladro.
You traded the puppy for a power drill.
Este cachorro está listo para explotar.
Well, this puppy's set to pop.
Un cachorro necesita alguna corrección, pe...
A puppy needs some correction, but if it's too harsh it...
Gnyr todavía como un cachorro cuando...
Gnyr you still like a puppy when you...
Llévale unas flores y cómprale un cachorro.
Get her some flowers and buy her a puppy.
Estaba notificándote de la muerte del cachorro.
I was notifying you of the puppy's death.
Tranquilo, arrogante, cachorro ingrato.
Be quiet, you arrogant, ungrateful pup.
Es como intentar pisotear un cachorro.
It's like trying to stamp on a puppy.
No sé siquiera por qué trajiste un cachorro ahora.
I don't know why you got a puppy anyway, they're a lot of work.
Ahora va todo como un cachorro indefenso.
Now he's going around like a helpless puppy.
Creo que necesitamos darle un cachorro.
I think we need to give her a puppy.
Pareces un cachorro con una zapatilla.
You look like a puppy with a slipper.
Son películas de cuando era cachorro.
These are home movies from when I was a puppy.
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