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Translation of "tengo ganas de" in English

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I feel like
I want to I look forward to I'm looking forward to I can't wait to
really feel like
I just feel like
I have wanted to
I'm anxious to
I'd like to I'm in the mood for
I really want to
I'm in the mood to
I just want to


Dios, tengo ganas de cantar.
God, I feel like singing.
Compré uno grande porque tengo ganas de celebrarme.
I got a huge one because I feel like celebrating me.
Estoy estresado; tengo ganas de estar en el campo.
"I feel stressed and I want to be out on the pitch," he said.
Hoy estoy alegre y tengo ganas de saltar.
Today's my day and I want to jump.
Pero tengo ganas de trabajar contigo.
But I look forward to working with you.
Bueno, tengo ganas de escucharlo.
Well, I look forward to hearing it.
Pero últimamente tengo ganas de noquearlo.
But lately I just get this urge to punch his lights out.
No tengo ganas de malos rollos.
I'm not in the mood for bad vibes.
No tengo ganas de otra escena.
I would just rather not have another scene. That's all.
Guapo... tengo ganas de divertirme.
Great! Let's hurry up, I want to have fun.
Ahora no tengo ganas de almorzar.
I don't think I'm going to have lunch just now.
No tengo ganas de ser gladiador.
No, I just don't feel... like becoming a gladiator.
Jonathan, ahora no tengo ganas de oírte.
"High note." Please, I'm really not in the mood for you.
Ahora no tengo ganas de escucharte.
Look, I really don't feel like hearing it right now.
Ya no tengo ganas de escribir.
I don't know how I feel about writing musicals right now.
Realmente no tengo ganas de hablarlo.
I really don't want to talk about it.
Esta noche tengo ganas de algo extravagante.
Tonight I'm in the mood for something extravagant.
Ni siquiera tengo ganas de reírme.
I'm not in a laughing mood, even.
No tengo ganas de discutir contigo, Elizabeth.
I have no intention of sparring with you, Elizabeth.
Es que últimamente tengo ganas de aventuras.
It's just I've been craving a bit of adventure lately.
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